Is the Daniel Mystery being Revealed?

Why are people looking for the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail when we have a much more important piece of the Divine puzzle right in front of us. We have billions of Bibles throughout this earth with inscribed “divine keys” that can help the avid student unlock amazing mysteries that are being unveiled in our time. The most important puzzle piece and key are found in the 9th Chapter of the Book of Daniel.

The mighty king Cyrus announced in his first year of consolidated power that he would bless Israel by returning them to their homeland. Cyrus, kind of Persia, announces to the Jews, “All the kingdoms of the earth the Lord God of Heaven has given me, and He has commanded me to build him a house in Jerusalem which is in Judah.” Cyrus who had defeated the Babylonians and had taken the Israelites captive, would now help this captive nation return and worship in their homeland. Never in history had a victorious conqueror set a priority to help his captives go free and form a nation. Seventy years earlier the prophet Jeremiah warned the nation of Israel that they would be taken captive for a total of 70 years for their transgressions. These transgressions relate to the nations failure to honor the Sabbath year unto which every debt by every person was to be forgiven. For 490 years they had failed to honor this divine command given by God through Moses in the wilderness. A period of 490 years is composed of 70 Sabbath years. When those 70 years had expired, God would give the command to let them return.

The Cyrus declaration runs parallel to Trump’s announcement in December of 2017, after his victory in the elections. Trump announced that he would move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and thus legally mark Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the eyes of many Jews in Israel Trump had become the new Cyrus. Jerusalem had been captured by the Ottomans and held by them for 400 years until finally liberated by the British General Allenby.  Then 1917, Lord Balfour, a Christian, set in motion a series of events that set aside a large portion of land for the Jews in the land of Palestine. Many Jews moved to the land but it was only in 1947 when President Truman declared his support for the formation of a new nation called Israel. The nation was approved by the league of Nations and Israel became a nation in 1947-48. 70 years later Trump becomes President, a man who was born in the time of Truman who was so touched by the Jewish cause that he declared in his tears that “I am the new Cyrus.” Here you have two American Presidents who carry on the Kingly power of Cyrus to announce Israel’s Holy Prophetic ownership of God’s city of Jerusalem.

The number 70 comes into play again in the 9th Chapter of Daniel, when Gabriel announces to Daniel the prophetic 70-sevens countdown that would begin at the next announcement of a Persian leader. This leader was Artaxerxes, who in 457 BC, declared that he would help Israel rebuild not only the Temple but also the walls of Jerusalem – thus establishing the new city. Notice that it is not just the number 70 but again the combination 70 X 7 or seventy sevens equaling 490 years. Amazing that God generated this special moment bracketed by two 70- Sevens Prophetic periods! Gabriel explains to Daniel the amazing thing that will happen during this period; the birth, introduction, and “cutting off” of the promised Messiah! Just as God promised, Jesus the Messiah appears on the scene in an official way at the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem fulfilling this remarkable countdown laid down by Gabriel, at the perfect time. This should get your attention. God is weaving a perfect promise. All this is explained in detail in my book Cosmic Crossroad Countdown.

Note that Gabriel appears to Daniel at the time of “the final sacrifice.” So why are we told this? Probably because God wants us to know that he is shaping history with an intricate pattern. For we know that Jesus Christ was the “final sacrifice” who also died at the 3 P.M. hour. Through the Prophet Zechariah God states that he will make Jerusalem “ a cup that will make all the nations tremble.” He has indeed done this even in our time as most nations have refused to recognize Jerusalem as being Israel’s capital. Pundits were declaring that a war would start and condemnations of all kinds were spewed out by the Arab countries and by the UN.  Israel has received more declarations of condemnation from the UN than all the evil, corrupt nations of the world combined!

Now we know that Daniel was the chief Magi in the Babylonian/Persian era and therefore his students would remember all the methods that God imparted to Daniel on how to discern and observe the time and place of any divine sign. That sign was the Bethlehem Star that may have been an exploding star in the “womb” of the constellation Virgo. This Virgo-Leo combination with Drago the dragon sitting above waiting for the birth is explained in my book and stated in Revelation 12: 1-4 in the Bible. So Daniel connects us to both the first and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The 70 weeks have not been fulfilled, for a final week of 7 years has yet to happen. This final week of 7 years will happen soon to fulfill the pattern and complete the tapestry that God has set before us. What else can we discern from Daniel that may help us?

We know that the first 69 sevens or 483 years have taken place and led to very day that Jesus entered Jerusalem on the fowl of a donkey. Why did God separate these last 7 years? Obviously he has a reason which we cannot perceive completely. My thought is that God is giving mankind every opportunity to turn to Him and repent. He is very patient and has already added on nearly 2000 years. He promised the Jews that they would return to their land and they did in 3 important stages: 1917 the Balfour Agreement open a big door ; 1948 opened the door even wider with the formation of the nation of Israel; 1967 the door to Jerusalem was opened when the Jews took control of the Temple Mount; and in 2017 the legal status of Jerusalem was proclaimed by the most powerful leader of the most influential “empire” of our time the President of America. Now understand that 2017 also marked the 70th year of the formation of the nation; the 50th year (Jubilee) of the liberation of Jerusalem from Islamic control; and the 100th year of the liberation of the Promised Land from the Ottoman Empire!

Other Amazing Observations: 1) During the 1967 battle for the Temple Mount the some of the Jewish soldiers were surprised to see a rabbi among them. This rabbi blew the shofar celebrating the victory and his name was Goren which in Hebrew means “Threshing floor.” If you remember it was David who first purchased the Temple Mount from the owner of its threshing floor. And if you also remember it was Jesus who called himself the Bread of life, who was born in the city of Bread, Bethlehem. He broke bread with his disciples and reminds us at each Lord’s Supper that his body was given up for us as we eat the “bread of life.” Now realize that no shofar was blown when the President of the U.S. legalized the Jewish capital of Jerusalem- but note that his name is “TRUMP” – so in God’s way his voice and declaration was the “trump” that declared God’s promise fulfilled!

2) General Allenby’s declaration of victory over the Ottoman control of Palestine occurred in the first week of December. This was also true of Truman’s declaration and of Trumps declaration. Why this pattern? Are there other patterns that can help us understand what is about to happen?

3) On the Jubilee year the trumpet is sounded and the land is returned to the original owner. 1917 was a Jubilee year and the land was returned to its original owner: God’s people. In 1967 a Jubilee year, Jerusalem was returned to its original owner: God’s people. In 2017 another Jubilee year, the legal status of God’s people over the city of Jerusalem was guaranteed by the leading power in the world.

THE Approaching Fire

For your eyes only: The month of May looks to be a tricky time with both the Iran deal and Korea’s Kim up for negotiations, the NRA meeting in Dallas, the AT&T decision, and the move of the American Embassy! Putin is a lot like Kim in that both have assassinated their own people overseas, have hacked our systems, and have threatened us with nuclear weapons.  This is now May 8th and Trump has successfully nixed that bad Iran agreement.  Amazing how the media misrepresented the truth. The Iran deal did not do what Obama said it would do, hold back violence in the Middle East.  It only empowered Iran to spend the money we gave them to build and ship better weapons and rockets to its proxies and its own forces in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon!  Obama sold out Israel with a kiss.
There have also been 3 rather large earthquakes in Iran and 3 large eruptions of the Steamboat geyser in Yellowstone- each eruption being 10 times larger than Old Faithful’s size. God has shown me that May is also significant as it leads to Shavout or Pentecost which many feel is an important transitional point in time for both Jew and Gentile. It denotes two important points in history when God reached down to man with fire and love. First there was the Law at Mt. Horeb when God wrote the Law with the finger of fire, and then there was Pentecost when the Holy Spirit appeared in fingers of fire upon each believer. It represents what Zachariah said, “Not by might, nor by power, but by Spirit saith the Lord”.
Will God test our Spirit and our willingness to go to Him for guidance, help, and strength? Will we look to the Holy Spirit who is sealed in each believer and to the Moral Law for guidance or will be look to the world and its lies?  I believe that God is warning us that He will soon test us with fire mixed with love.  Just as in the case of the twin towers, God’s testing brought people to repentance.  If our nation would repent and seek God with all our hearts we would not go through this testing.  However, each time He brings a test we go through only a temporary repentance which, as in the time of Israel’s judgment, was soon followed by even worse disobedience and harlotry.  As a nation many fools are relishing evil and rebellion against God’s love and message.  God has only one choice – and that is to punish this blatant rebellion before “His innocent children fall away.”  ……this is what the Lord has placed in my heart…..By the way II Thessalonians warns us about the rebellion that happens right before the rise of the Anti-Christ.  We are seeing many powerful leaders go down in flames as they lie and boast – but then fall when their own sin is discovered.  The latest was the famed N.Y. district Attorney who was prosecuting the Harvey Weinstein case and in trying to make Harvey a spectacle to scowl at – he became the greater spectacle!
You can read more about this timeline and the “Wheels of Time” that are crossing over by reading my book: Cosmic CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN: The Fig Tree and the Prophetic Generation.

Apostasy and Forgiveness – an Easter Message

Jesus brought compassion and forgiveness to a world full of religious and secular laws and regulations.  The Romans had introduced Pax Romana and a new order to a world full of chaos and war, but they did it by brute force.  They ruled and dictated from the thrown of Caesar who called himself God.  Ironically the religious leaders of Israel were just as egregious in their assault on the soul and Spirit of mankind.  In fact their sin was worse considering their divine position and message  had been awarded to them by God himself.  Now because they had twisted the spirit of His Word and Promise they would receive His curses and woes. Blinded by their own self-righteousness they thought that they were better than the kings and leaders of the past that had persecuted & killed the Prophets.

Little did these religious leaders know that they would soon kill the Son of God in a blind rage of jealousy and revenge.  Jesus had told them just before his Crucifixion, “You shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces.  For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in,” Mt. 23:13.  Not only had these leaders rejected Jesus but they “had strained gnats” to make new laws to subjugate the people. They were actually preventing people from coming into a relationship with God.   Is this a form of smoke screen and control that is being used today in the modern church?

I believe that it is, but in a more devious and subtle form.   Both Liturgy and the pro-culture, emergent concept draw people away from the Truth and from an intimate relationship with God.  What is Truth without both Love and Obedience to the Word? What is Truth without teaching the whole Bible and the Name of God in every aspect of Life and Creation?  What is Truth if we compromise with the world system in order to fit in?  What is Truth when Lies are embedded in the liturgy, the teaching of the historical book of Genesis, the foundational doctrine of God’s Word and the nature of God?  The Spirit of God is hindered by lies and by rules that do not exhibit the Grace of God and the fruits of the Spirit.

We all make mistakes and God is above all willing to forgive the sin and restore the sinner.  After all this is why God sent His Son to die for us.  By shedding His blood God would be making propitiation for us.  Our sins will be forgiven.  This is why if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins.  God is Just and His Mercies are new every morning.

Life’s accidents and mistakes will trip us up. This is part and parcel to the fall of Creation. In writing my book, COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN, I made requests from the publisher to make changes.  In some cases those changes were not made, and the errors have therefore persisted.  It saddens me, because the book is for both the believer and unbeliever to see the Word of God in a fresh way – free of the myopia that distorts and constrains the “Spirit and Truth of the Word.”  One of those distortions for example is the concept of macro-evolution and a “limited flood”.  Both are lies that cloud the mind and hinder the Spirit of God.  They in many ways “shut the door of the kingdom of heaven” to those who attend church.  These non-believers and some confused believers are not nourished by the Truth and never sense the  “Power of the Spirit”.  In many instances they are learning the lingo  and the external shape of the walk, but do not really partake of an intimate relationship with God.  The mistake that the publisher failed to change was a simple one: I had asked that they change the word “2nd” to “First” in relation to Solomon’s Temple.  I had in a moment mental fatigue typed in the wrong info.  This stupid mistake has been carried forth into my new printing and I am saddened – since I clearly asked them to change it!

Interlude with Death and New Beginnings

Death is the end of the line to those who do not know the LORD.  Likewise the RETURN of Jesus Christ sets the “World’s Clock” to “Apocalypse Time” or the “Hour of Judgment” where all the tribes and nations will be judged.  This will not be a time of national rejoicing!  No nation will be spared and no individual on earth at that time will escape Judgment.  The Word of God says that the “nations will mourn” and the leaders and kings will cower in caves.  Jesus Christ will defeat the forces of the Anti-Christ and other converging armies.  He will then usher in the Kingdom of God and will rule for 1000 years from Jerusalem in a New Beginning  called the Millennium.

I had an interlude with the shadow of death this weekend.  As I was about to serve a tennis ball to a friend, I asked if he was ready.  He said “No,” then went down on his knees and fell over. I ran over and found that he was not breathing nor had a pulse….so I started CPR and went on for 15 minutes because no one else wanted to help! The ambulance got lost even though one of our big hospitals was only about a 15 minute walking distance away!  I was doing solo with 2 breaths and 30 compressions and did get a pulse, but the pulse was weak and  continued for only a few seconds.  I pray that he had time to accept Jesus as I was pumping his blood and breathing the breath of life into his lungs! We had discussed forgiveness and salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in years past?

So what does this have to do with new beginnings?  God uses the “seed” to represent both death and new life.  In order for the seed to bring life, it must die.  Each time God culled or purged his people for their rebellion and sin, He would bring new life to his nation.  A select group would go through trials and tests as they entered into a new Promise.  The new year in both the Jewish and Gregorian calendars end with the number 8 which in the Hebrew Gematra means “new beginnings.”  Are we entering into a new paradigm where both “worlds” will be  tested as God’s Promise is fulfilled?

We just saw the end of the Jubilee year of 5777 and now we begin a new set of 7 sevens or 49 years.  And so begins a new 7 year Shemitah period.  We are seeing all the important generational periods converge on this Jewish year of 5778, implying that a whole new set of generational periods are about to begin.  Even the Cosmic Signs imply a new beginning: both the Solar Eclipse and the “great sign of the Woman and Child of Revelation 12.”  The Solar Eclipse generated fear in ancient civilizations because it often forebode a new calamity of some kind.  In our case we had 3 major hurricanes within 3 weeks time.  The Houston hurricane broke all records for rainfall and the Puerto Rico storm was probably one of the most destructive per acre of any hurricane.

The Great Sign of Revelation 12:1-4 is not visible and hence, it is a supernatural sign indicating a new phase in the supernatural realm promised by God as described in the 2nd paragraph of Revelation 12.  Just as Satan was once “glorious” then fell from grace, mighty men and women are going through a rise and fall before our eyes. Many of those  are in Hollywood, Congress, leaders of the world and in the media.  God is actively unveiling His Plans and fulfilling all His Promises.

Why The Invisible Sign!- The Jerusalem Countdown, Reversal of Fortune & my book

An Addendum to COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN (The Fig Tree & The Prophetic Generation): 

I believe that time is short. God seems to be shaking up the world to the point that those who have gained power and prestige through lies, ill gain, and selfish determination are taking a fall from grace. The celebrities and politicians, like Congressman John Conyers and ABC’s Matt Lauer, who have used and abused their power are now being exposed and shamed by their own kind, the liberal media. It reminds me of how Gideon defeated the Midianite army and coalition of forces. There was fire-light thrown into the darkness which confused the enemy and caused them to destroy each other. God will find divine ways to teach the power hungry a big lesson. The Light of Truth will dispel and destroy darkness. Jesus says to us, “I am the Light of the Word, follow me and you will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life.”

God is speaking to us in this time and age and we are seeing the “reversal of fortunes” as suggested in my book. However, I had thought that this would be reflected in the economy, but instead we are seeing this happen in a personal way to a person’s fortune, reputation, and self-esteem. God orchestrates this fall for their sake so that in their loss and fall they will turn to Him in repentance. This reversal of fortune or fall from grace is a shadow or reflection of Satan’s fall from heaven described in Revelation 12. You will see how this fall is related to the Great Sign of Revelation 12:1-4.

Our year started out and continued with many surprise returns: from the 28-point reversal in the Super-bowl to the surprise win by the Astros; from the fall of Target to the rise of Walmart; from the NFL fiasco to the obsessive hypocrisy of the media; from the politically motivated attacks on Trump and Moore, to actual evidence based revelations of rape & groping committed by media & Hollywood giants. These “surprise returns and reversals of fortune” have a Biblical base. They are highlighted by the fact that September 22nd ended the Jubilee year and each generational period of 40, 70, and 100 connects in a dramatic way to our present time-line in the Hebraic year 2017-2018. There are also connections to 500 & 2000-year time spans.

My book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN-The Fig Tree & The Prophetic Generation, explains each generational connection, that the Solar Eclipse would follow with major storms, and that the Great Sign of Revelation 12 would be a sign without immediate impact. Like the Bethlehem Star, the September 23rd Sign from Revelation 12, ushers in a new Paradigm. The key is the first verse! I have asked dozens of people to tell me what is contradictory or illogical about that verse. No one has had the observational skills to see it. This is one of my points- it takes more than theology to understand the message in the Word of God – a touch of Science, Geography, Art, military tactics, and just pure common sense helps illuminate the message. One could say it takes wisdom and study. As you will see the correct understanding makes a huge difference as to what this whole passage means. It also illuminates the next paragraph in Revelation 12.

The fact is the Sign of Revelation 12 speaks of the Woman clothed with sun with the moon at her feet and a garland of 12 stars. Do you see the problem? As stated earlier, I have shown this to scholars who have failed to see this simple fact. Even though the verb, “appeared,” is used the “Great Sign,” is not visible and never was intended to be visible. Note that the minute the sun appears above the horizon or near the “Woman’s” shoulder – the sign disappears completely! This does not, however, imply that the event did not happen. The stars, planets, sun, and moon are where they are supposed to be, but we cannot see them.

God has given us a sign that is not intended to be seen with our eyes! Why? It is entirely possible that we will never see a visible sign of His Return, because Jesus said multiple times that he would not give a Sign to an “evil generation”. In Matthew 12:39, Jesus says, “A wicked generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.” The Great Sign of Revelation 12 would fit this promise perfectly. Even though the sign is miraculous, it is not visible. It “appeared” in the heavens, but the sun keeps the human eye from seeing it!

Hence, I believe this sign is designed to portend the beginning of a supernatural event or series of events that are real, but are NOT visible! These spiritual events will have physical consequences as God orchestrates history with His Promises. The next sub-chapter within Revelation 12, portrays the casting out of Satan and one-third of the angels from heaven. Could this indicate that the mighty on earth who are full of pride like Satan will take a fall too? Does it mean that Satan and his demons will be more active on earth causing demonic mischief? This could be the answer to all the bizarre behavior, irrational threats by crazed leaders, and horrific acts of terror and murder that are happening in America and throughout the world. Could the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel be a catalyst to some more end-time events?

Also note that the 1st verse in Revelation 12, describes only the Woman. The 2nd verse introduces the child. And the 3rd verse shines a light on the “Dragon” or serpent. In just these three verses, the theme of the Bible is presented – as it was in Genesis 3:15. This is akin to the “Wheel of Time” mentioned in my book. Genesis Chapter 3 ushers in a whole new paradigm and I would guess that Revelation 12 will also. Remember the Bethlehem Star? The book explains that this visible sign was also related to the constellation Virgo and that it was not recognized by most in the known world. Yet, it motivated the Magi or Kings to travel a great distance to worship the child! That is why in my book I suggested that the Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23rd, 2017, has opened a door to new beginnings with supernatural consequences.

One of these new beginnings mentioned in my book, COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN, is the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The fact that it did not happen earlier illustrates the impact Satan has in the natural world. Jerusalem is the location where God made his Covenant with Abraham and where God spared Isaac. It is where King David and all the other Judaic kings held office and where many of the great prophets lived and died. In Luke 2 the Word states, “Now his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the Passover.” This is where Jesus is found as a boy teaching the scribes in the Temple. It is the city of God where Jesus was crucified, then resurrected, and will return in His 2nd Coming. Psalm 122 commands us to pray for Jerusalem. Zachariah 12 states, “On that day I (God) will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.”

God will side with Israel against all the nations of the world and He will use His supernatural power to defeat them all. Thus, we are in what I call a “new Paradigm,” where new beginnings will shake America and the world. In the book I indicated that since Jerusalem was shared by both Islam and the Judeo-Christian world, it was protected- this may now change to a degree.
President Trump has begun what some Jews already call the greatest Pro-Israel initiative in modern time. He is being compared to President Truman who has been given credit for opening the door to establish the Jewish nation.

In my book I indicate what is happening is not a coincidence. The time from the capture of Jerusalem by the Ottomans to their defeat by the British was 400 years. The time between Truman’s amazing decision to establish the nation of Israel and President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is 70 years. It appears that Trump was appointed by God for this time. Note also that Truman and President Trump both won surprise reversal of fortune elections- two of the most surprising elections in our history. The parallels are very interesting as both were businessman, and both have their names beginning with the same 1st 4 letters and their names mean something from a biblical viewpoint. This “New Beginning” will bring conflict and many new challenges around the globe and even in America. I believe that this will embolden the forces of evil and darkness. Keep in prayer! NOTE THAT NO OTHER NATION IN THE WORLD HAS AS MUCH RIGHT TO ITS CAPITAL AS ISRAEL HAS TO JERUSALEM! THIS RIGHT WAS SET BY GOD!

God will prevail for He is in control of the storm. Just as the storm that scared the disciples as they hurried to wake up Jesus Christ, our storm is designed to teach us faith. Jesus asked them why they had such little faith. He wants us to go through the storm with Him so that we will grow in faith. Jerusalem is God’s Holy City. And through Jerusalem, Jesus Christ will show us His Glory and His Power. Jerusalem is the center of history and through Jerusalem, Jesus will show the world that He is the center of the Universe and controls all the forces of Creation. The people of the Promise will seek to know Him and enjoy Him for HE IS THE LIGHT OF LIFE.


Our nation stands at a critical Crossroad in time. We are being challenged from every side with internal and external threats, unlike any time in history. What we do now will make a difference for the future generations. Our debt opens us up to Economic war from foreign powers who want to see the dollar and our nation fall. Our vulnerability in the power grid and in the intellectual spy game is greater than ever … as China and Russia hack into our systems and compromise our university idealism. With the combination security hacks of our Governmental payment system and Equifax foreign powers can cross reference those people in important positions that are having financial problems.

The “liberal” corporate mentality is more willing to share high tech info with the Chinese than it is with our own government! We know that everything shared with any Chinese company will end up on its military scheme- yet here in america very little is being shared for our military use! We are defeating ourselves and letting the Trojan horse in with a blind smugness that may defeat us in a way that the Persians defeated the Babylonians. We are not learning from history- after all the liberal media and many technological institutions are more interested in virtual reality than they are in the REAL WORLD & our survival!

It is no surprise that the World is going through major upheavals and challenges of both natural and human origin.  Since America carries a special burden or mark given by God over the centuries, she will also receive a special judgment by the Almighty.  History shows that America was chosen to not only unify the nations with language, currency, and an expanding culture of information (as foretold by Daniel the prophet), but also to be at the forefront of creating the giant steps of speed and propulsion (again as foretold by Daniel-  people going to and fro ).  God has also used America to spread His Gospel and to establish and protect the nation of Israel.  However, America has now reached a nadir or vanishing point where the bad is outweighing the good, and ironically, this is not the fault of the present leadership.  On the contrary the “Lie” has become so ingrained in the last 10 years and glorified by the media that the Spirit of God is being pushed away by the “powers of darkness and principalities of evil” that have taken over.  And the nations of the world are also being deceived! Do not believe CNN and the lies of Satan!

America is drowning in the “best of times and the worse of times.”  This is only a small part of the judgment.  The worst is to come.  The best of times lulls us into apathy, complacency, and an indifference to God.   The church grows, yet idolatry grows with it.  Materialism and comfort have undercut many churches and made them into a country club of entertainment and mindless devotion.  In many cases lies have been incorporated into the churches theological system in order to “unify” the disenchanted and confused, in the hope that the pastors message will transform them with truth.  The congregation in the process cannot  remember any of the parts of the message much less the theme.  In essence the Spirit of God is missing.  Maybe this is why this has become the year of “surprise returns.”  God is trying to get our attention in the “games” that we play.

It has gotten to the point where more youth are turning away from the Truth than are being drawn.  One study shows that only 2% of Millennials in America trust in Jesus Christ and have a Christian world view!  Those who do go to church have a conscience formed by the world and NOT by the Word of God. Therefore they feel emboldened to defend the perverse and the anti-biblical as long as it has good reason or appropriate origin as defined by the relative state of being.  Tolerance is the badge of faith instead of Jesus Christ.

God, will therefore use America as an example to the rest of the world.  God has to end the ever increasing flood of drug and pornography addictions, the gambling and prostitution, the export of base and violent entertainment,  the “exploitation of innocent humans, and the spread and growth of every other kind of darkness.  Before Judgment, God will inspire His leaders and His people to speak out and stand up for Him.  Revival has begun in many areas and this is Americas only hope.  With trials comes new growth and victories of both body and spirit.  God is using the storms to bring people to Him and he will continue to use these trials to build the true church and the kingdom of God.

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Our nation stands at a critical Crossroad in time. We are being challenged from every side with internal and external threats, unlike any time in history.  Time seems to be speeding up, compressed with bizarre and extreme events, and disturbed by irrational behavior.  What we learn and do now will affect future generations.
This book unveils Answers to troubling current events as it reveals Signs and Mysteries that are meant for us today.   In a broad sweep of inspiration, the book illumines a prophetic parallel in history and a new paradigm that is part of God’s Promise.  God has left divine footprints on our time-line dating back to the beginning of time, with clues for the present and future.  This includes:  The Fig Tree Prophecy spoken by Jesus concerning a “Last Generation”; a “Cosmic Crossroad” that is intersecting our present time-line; a “LOST TIME” instituted for a Lost Generation; the Convergence of “Wheels of time” with historical generational time periods; and a mysterious “Cross in the Wilderness” along with other divine signs.
God gave us these prophetic messages and signs because He desires to have a relationship with us as He guides us through the trials and tests that lie ahead.  If we do not choose Him soon, time will make the decision for us – The Countdown begins.

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Here is a quick brain teaser on the book:  Just think about the title “Cosmic Crossroad Countdown”. The “Cosmic” is science related and refers to the harmony and order of the Universe, the “Crossroad” is Faith related therefore  connects the supernatural  with the natural, and the “Countdown” is History and Timeline related.  This book covers a wide range of topics: from the location of the real Mt. Sinai – it is where the Bible says it is in “Arabia” not in Egypt as seminaries teach; to the Celestial “clock” which we ignore as “signs” yet which were used as signposts and markers throughout the Biblical times! It covers the Testimonies of the Prophets and Apostles to the the Mysteries of LOST time during the Jubilee year and the Mystery of the Fig Tree Prophecy- the prophetic 70-year generation. It discusses God’s footprints on our timeline and how He orchestrates history and why what is happening today is not coincidental.

God seeks a personal relationship with us and He is testing the church to prepare it for the rapture. Right now our church is too weak and confused. The church has fallen for the idols of the world and has given up its first love. We need to go back to a faithful study of God’s word with prayer.

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The Prophecy Author and speaker, Gary Frazier spoke tonight at our Discipleship University class on prophecy.  He also uses the Fig Tree Prophecy in Matthew 24 to point to our generation as the “last generation” that Jesus spoke of. He calls it the “Terminal generation” whereas I have used the more appropriate term “Prophetic generation”. It is interesting that although we use the same basic data and verses he comes to a slightly different conclusion. He believes that the actual birth of Israel happened much earlier in the late 19th century and that the real generation period is 100 years. I disagree with his conclusion for 3 reasons:
1) I believe that the formation of a nation is determined by possession of the land and the legal declaration hopefully with a United Nation recognition- all this happened in 1948.
2) Meetings and plans in England and elsewhere in the 1800’s were much like the early meetings of our revolutionary leaders – although this initiated our revolution it is not recognized by anyone as the day, nor year of our nation’s birth.
3) The 100 year generation was only apparent in the pre-flood era (when people lived much longer), and would not fit the post-flood era. In my book I explain how 70 years is used to measure “generational time” after the flood. One is in Psalm 90:10 and the other is through the Prophet Daniel who uses the 70 weeks to explain prophecy. His generation was a 70 year generation that God promised would return to rebuild Jerusalem. Although the phrase generation is not used it is implied that this was a prophetic time of 70 years that God would use to punish Israel before restoring her. Seventy years is also the average between the 40 year generation and the 100 year generation.

I did receive an email today from Gary: after he received my book two days ago he writes: “Just finished scanning your book. Great words of wisdom. I’m taking it with me to Israel next week for further study. You could have taught the class and it would have been great!    Have a Blessed Day!”

In both calculations this “Last Generation” spoken of by Jesus is coming to its final few years!  God’s timeline is approaching the “vanishing point” at which time that “last generation” will see the rapture ( those that believe and trust in Jesus Christ as God and Savior).

God wants a relationship with us and he seeks us … all we have to do is to receive the gift that he has to give us and that is the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and it is only through Jesus Christ ….for as Jesus himself said, the path is narrow and hard but the crowds follow the easy wide path. Do you want to choose him or do you want to choose the way of the world? Jesus Christ is the Door to heaven and the only door… do not be fooled by false prophets or false religions nor the lies of the media and of the world

Why Storms- Knowing God’s Purpose and the Mystery?

Knowing that God is orchestrating history will help you feel assured and have comfort in times of stress and duress. One mystery is why would God allow tragedy to happen to those who love him? There are many possibilities and I will share two. 1) God is interested in drawing people to Him. In our daily mundane or distracted lives we do not look to God nor seek to find Him. However in the darkness the light shines the brightest and people do seek him and find him. That is the ultimate Love because He knows that eternity is much longer than our short lives on this earth- your soul is much more valuable than your eyes.

Our eyes can  prevent us from knowing God- if we allow the flesh to dominate our life.  Jesus proclaimed, ” Blessed are those who are pure in heart, for they will see God.”   2) God has a timeline and that timeline is growing shorter and shorter. That maybe why time seems to be compressed and why we sense more uneasiness, uncertainty, anxiety, and more extreme behaviors, weather, and conditions. Right now God wants to purify and strengthen the church just as he did with his “children” in the wilderness of Sinai and during the Babylonian captivity. God wants to ready the church for the rapture and inspire Christians to share the Gospel.

We can stand firm in the Lord against persecution, trials, and difficulties, 1) We know that God is in Control, as expressed in my new book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN,  2) Rejoice in the Lord, for He is our strong Tower and Counselor, 3) We can be confident in Him and therefore have REST in Him. That is why Jesus said, “My burden is Light and my Yoke is Easy, 4) If you truly believe in God, you will be thankful and will have real joy, for God is accomplishing a divine purpose including conforming us to the image of God,  5) God has promised to Deliver us and Provide us, 6) We can be thankful that He is Perfecting our faith, working out His Plan in us, shaping our character, and Preparing our Way! 7) He is seated in Heaven- our Salvation and Propitiation has been completed- and as Jesus said, “It is Finished”.   The Priests in the Temple had no chairs and had to stand up and work and perform in order to win forgiveness for themselves and the people.  This has all been accomplished by Jesus Christ.

What we need now is sanctification.  This  process will build character! This is one reason why God is testing us and allowing storms, so that we can Glorify him in the test and trial.  Another reason is to motivate us to repent and change course while at the same time drawing people to Him.

We just need to be willing to stand for Him, rejecting the idols and desires of the world, and walking in the Light. The Peace of God will bring Tranquility beyond human understanding and it will guard you from instability. Spiritual stability will help us resist our own flesh, overcome our bad habits, and keep us virtuous – alert- and of strong mind so that we can pray. Yes, Prayer Is That Important. God says, “Come let us Reason together”- and that is exactly what prayer is when done from the heart! This will resolve the storms in your life.

Do you feel anxious and uneasy about the events, weather, and behavior in our nation? Do you believe that history repeats itself?  Do you think that God is actively involved in orchestrating history?   Have we entered a paradigm in history as suggested by the author Jonathan Cahn? Have you heard of The Prophecy of the Fig Tree and the Prophetic Generation? These are questions that are addressed in my new book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN- The Fig Tree & The Prophetic Generation.   Here is a very quick summary of the book:   The Cosmic refers to Science and the harmony & order of the Universe; the Crossroad relates to faith and the supernatural intersecting the natural; the Countdown represents History and the fact that we are on a time-line that God has determined and which God orchestrates for His purpose and plan.

God wants a relationship with us and he seeks us … all we have to do is to receive the gift that he has to give us and that is the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and it is only through Jesus Christ ….for as Jesus himself said, the path is narrow and hard but the crowds follow the easy wide path. Do you want to choose him or do you want to choose the way of the world? Jesus Christ is the Door to heaven and the only door… do not be fooled by false prophets or false religions nor the lies of the media and of the world

The Gateway to Heaven

Do you feel anxious and uneasy about the events, weather, and behavior in our nation? Are you concerned about the divisiveness, the polarization, the rebellion, and perversity of our society? Do you believe that history repeats itself?.  Do you think that God is actively involved in orchestrating history?.  Are we entering a new paradigm that even the author Jonathan Cahn describes in detail in his book? Have you heard of The Prophecy of the Fig Tree and the Prophetic Generation? These are questions that are answered in my new book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN- The Fig Tree & The Prophetic Generation.

I could have called my new book “The Gateway to Heaven”, since my primary theme is to point the way to JESUS CHRIST who is the Gate or Door to Heaven.

When He started His ministry he quoted Isaiah, “The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death – A great Light has dawned.”  He came proclaiming Salvation and Repentance: Jesus said, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”  Matt. 4:17.

The Crossroad is made up of 4 arms: 1) at the top is the Fig Tree Lesson which is a mystery that God helped me to unfold,  2) one arm has the Signs of the Sun, Moon, and Stars including the constellations, 3)  the 3rd arm has the Testimonies of the Apostles (Peter & John), the Prophets (Daniel, Zachariah, Isaiah, etc.), the archaeological evidence including the city of Jerusalem, the Word of God and the current events;  4) the final arm or leg of the cross has the 70- year Prophetic Generations and the generational periods of 40, 50, & 100 along with time spans of 7 years, 49, 400, 500, and 1000.  This Crossroad intersects with the infinite and divine Time line which started 6000 years ago.

The “Cosmic” is important because Genesis tells us that the Sun, Moon & stars were given to us for Signs and Seasons.  The Bible calls the “Woman of Revelation 12,” a Great Sign.  More than likely, the Sign of the Bethlehem Star was a combination of the same Constellations as in Revelation 12 along with Jupiter and some other “star” that moved into the “body” of Virgo.   I noted in the Book that the Solar Eclipse which we just saw here in America was a Perfect Sign- for it had 3 unique properties:  1) It crossed America and not any other nation.  It was like a great slash starting at the 33rd State and ended at the 33rd parallel, 2)  The path was almost completely clear of clouds and it happened on the Day of Teshuvah which is the beginning of the 40 days of Repentance in the Jewish calendar, 3)  It also happened with the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus as they entered Virgo.  Jupiter represents God’s Authority and Venus is the Morning Star which is another name for Jesus Christ. 4) All this happened on a Jubilee year which is a magnification of God’s demand for repentance, Return, and Mercy. Hence everything related requires extra attention including the 40 days of repentance!  Note that God gave the Ninevites 40 days to Repent!  And that scientists believe that there was a Solar Eclipse prior to Jonah’s arrival that helped to motivate them to seek God.  Does this sound familiar? Nineveh repented, but has America repented?

I noted in the book which was sent in for publishing on Aug. 10th that there would be violent storms soon after the Solar Eclipse.  Note also that many ancient civilizations recognized that there was a “gateway” to heaven in the constellations.  Egypt for instance established this fact in the Sphinx as it has the body of the Lion (Leo) and the face of the Woman (Virgo).  The two represent the beginning and the end of the “Universe” or in a sense of “Time” and is therefore the “Gateway” to the outer regions of heaven.  Stars and Planets have meanings and names which God himself explained to Adam and Eve.  So when Regulus which at the heart of Leo and means “Royalty”, lined up with the Planets Mars (or Man), Mercury (or messenger), and Venus (or High Priest) we should realize that something very significant was happening! This array describes the Lion of Judah, who comes to Judge the Earth.

The Sign of the Woman of Revelation 12 was never intended to be seen in its fullest extent.   God gave us this Great Sign as a declaration of a new paradigm, yet He made it appear primarily in the Word of God and in the Star maps.  This sign was not recognized by the world system, nor by the evolution based scientists who normally embrace unique stellar signs.  So why was it not seen?  First of all it happened low on the horizon, and second the sun is part of the  sign thus making the entire sign invisible to the naked eye.  We all know the blinding effect of the sun and its indirect light that can make stars disappear even before sunrise.  The sign required that the sun rest on “Virgo’s” shoulder making her immediately invisible to the eye, but visible to God.

One of the incredible elements in this Great Sign is the way God moved Jupiter into the “womb” of Virgo for 9 months.  The retrograde motion of Jupiter allowed this unique appearance, and in no other case in history has this been so precisely achieved in heavens.

The “Countdown” is important because God has a Timeline which he established at the Creation and throughout time has orchestrated.  These divine footsteps express His Mercy and Love for those who seek Him and honor Him.  We are nearing the end of this timeline and therefore time feels compressed, with many events and weather patterns appearing extreme, along with the almost irrational behavior of people. The labor pains are more intense and this will continue until the rapture – which could happen at any time.  The Prophecy of the Fig Tree and the Prophetic Generation both point to the fact that we are the “Last Generation” that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 as he gave his Olivet Discourse.  The countdown which began at “the budding of the Fig Tree”, the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1947-48, has lasted almost 70 years now.  We have until Rosh Hashana in 2018.

As I write this, it is past September 23rd and we are seeing more hurricanes and other signs of trouble on the horizon.  We have record “firestorms” in California, stoked by unusually heavy and persistent winds. Another ominous sign is that of  the Kurdistan Independence vote  that happened a few weeks ago.  This vote could lead to regional war as Iraq, Iran, and Turkey do NOT want an independent Kurdish Republic.  Ironically the Syrians are the only ones willing to help the Kurds by allowing them to sell their oil through their pipelines.  Turkey has blocked their pipelines and all airline traffic and so has Iran and Iraq.  I believe the next war will be a conflict related to Iran’s desire to conquer the Kurds in order to establish a passage to the “sea” and to destroy Israel.



The Lord’s Windstorm

Nahum the prophet said, “The Lord is slow to anger and powerful…the Lord’s path is in the windstorm and hurricane, thunderclouds are dust under his feet.” The Prophet Zechariah states, “God will blow the trumpet and will go out with the summer windstorm”.  And he continues, “The Lord who fashions, lightening thunderstorms…”

IT IS NO COINCIDENCE: Our recent Solar Eclipse crossed the US from coast to coast; was the most viewed eclipse in American history; appeared without much cloud interference; happened at the beginning of a special time of repentance called Teshuva (a time that God calls for national change of behavior) and 33 days before the Sun, moon, and stars will be ready to align themselves for the Great Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23rd.  The Eclipse started in Oregon the 33rd State and ended in South Carolina which is at the 33rd degree parallel. Thirty-three is the number of perfect perfection- hence the PERFECT SIGN.

IT IS NO COINCIDENCE: Hurricane Harvey came a few days later; struck the city of Corpus Christi (which means body of Christ) and had the name Harvey which means “Branding Iron”;    it moved back and forth just as the planet Jupiter was moving in the body of the constellation Virgo (a retrograde motion which makes this Sign the most unique Sign in Earth’s history- since Jupiter is the child about to be birthed near Drago the serpent).  Texas the most conservative state in the union received the 1st blow, a “Sign” that God will bring justice to all and seeks repentance from all.  These storms are so massive that they draw world-wide attention?

IT IS NO COINCIDENCE: Hurricane Irma became a massive storm in the Atlantic where the Solar Eclipse ended and then moved straight for Florida, and again has drawn world-wide attention.

It is no coincidence that we are seeing the supernatural presented in just about every way and form in society: in conspiracy theories, movies, games, print and the rest of the media.  Horrific and often twisted violence is being provoked against man, rumors of war are magnified to nuclear proportions, droughts and famines are spreading without making the news, and the Apostasy is spreading. Time is being compressed and thus we sense that illogical & incomprehensible events are rising with the power of the Lie. However, while darkness spreads the Light of God is exposing it.  The Power of the Cross and the Spirit are moving in mighty ways to save the lost, and God is calling and equipping the church to lead the way, pray, take a stand, and share the Word.

It is No coincidence that we are living in the a time like the “days of Elijah”. Elijah confronted Baal worship in what many believe was the greatest battle in the Old Testament of good against evil.  Upward of 850 prophets of Baal were killed by the people for having failed to defeat the God of Elijah. Baal Worship was the worship of the gods of the environment, child sacrifice (abortion), temple prostitution (Apostasy) and Idol Worship (ESPN’s ( ESPN’s obvious severe bias against our sitting President yet the men and women of this nation still sit mesmerized by their favorite sports!) This is a sad time for America which has glamorized the sport of winning at all costs too long (yes- even to the point of brain damage etc.). If the third hurricane forms out of Jose, Beware!  It will probably head for New York and like Harvey  it may hit land 3 times!

Does anyone remember what happened to Elijah after God’s defeat of Baal?  He fled to the real Mount Sinai which is in Arabia!  There he encountered God in the still voice- not the fire nor the earthquake.  Are we also headed for a major fire and earthquake?  The last events that happened to Elijah were:  1) Elisha who became his companion and apprentice prophet,  2)  He gives Elisha a double portion of “miracle power”- from God  3)  He parts the Jordan River which by the way is where Jesus was baptized  4)  He is lifted up in a whirlwind of fire!  Does any of this sound familiar?  From the Word of God it sounds a little like events in the book of Revelation including the rapture and the two witnesses.

Ezekiel states, (13:13) Therefore this is what the Lord God says, “In my burning anger I’ll rip it open with a windstorm, In my anger I’ll rinse it off with rain…and put an end to it with a hailstorm.” And Jeremiah the Prophet states, “Behold, the storm of the LORD! Wrath has gone forth, a whirling tempest; it will burst upon the head of the wicked.  The anger of the LORD will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his heart. In the latter days you will understand it clearly. ” Jer. 23:19-20.  Jesus says, “There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.” – Luke 21:11.

In my book, COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN,  I share about God’s footprints on our historical timeline and how Wheels of Time are converging unto our present age.  We saw Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars just as they may have appeared at the birth of Jesus (The Star of Bethlehem may have had an array of constellation and planet movements as did the September 23rd Woman of Revelation 12 ),  and we are now seeing events happen as they did in the time of Elijah.

The Solar Eclipse was extremely significant in that it happened on the first day of Elul or on the 1st day of the 40-day period of repentance, and went from coast to coast, to cast a shadow only on America.  Likewise this whole event happened on a Jubilee year which implies a super “Return” or super repentance – a warning to America that storms were coming.  In the case of Elijah he overcame Jezebel & Ahab and destroyed 850 priests of BAAL.  In our time we have had the Obama/Hillary combination, which Jonathan Cahn in his book the Paradigm goes into great detail to show they parallel Ahab and Jezebel.  Having overcome this threat of Jezebel,  Elijah flees to a sanctuary and is visited by an earthquake, a hurricane, and a firestorm- each of which we have seen in recent weeks in their extreme forms (the Jubilee would have possible magnified everything by 50X).  I am convinced that we are being tested and this includes the church.

Here is the cover of my new book: 

God wants a relationship with us and he seeks us … all we have to do is to receive the gift that he has to give us and that is the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and it is only through Jesus Christ ….for as Jesus himself said, the path is narrow and hard but the crowds follow the easy wide path. Do you want to choose him or do you want to choose the way of the world? Jesus Christ is the Door to heaven and the only door… do not be fooled by false prophets or false religions nor the lies of the media and of the world