Is the Daniel Mystery being Revealed?

Why are people looking for the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail when we have a much more important piece of the Divine puzzle right in front of us. We have billions of Bibles throughout this earth with inscribed “divine keys” that can help the avid student unlock amazing mysteries that are being unveiled in our time. The most important puzzle piece and key are found in the 9th Chapter of the Book of Daniel.

The mighty king Cyrus announced in his first year of consolidated power that he would bless Israel by returning them to their homeland. Cyrus, kind of Persia, announces to the Jews, “All the kingdoms of the earth the Lord God of Heaven has given me, and He has commanded me to build him a house in Jerusalem which is in Judah.” Cyrus who had defeated the Babylonians and had taken the Israelites captive, would now help this captive nation return and worship in their homeland. Never in history had a victorious conqueror set a priority to help his captives go free and form a nation. Seventy years earlier the prophet Jeremiah warned the nation of Israel that they would be taken captive for a total of 70 years for their transgressions. These transgressions relate to the nations failure to honor the Sabbath year unto which every debt by every person was to be forgiven. For 490 years they had failed to honor this divine command given by God through Moses in the wilderness. A period of 490 years is composed of 70 Sabbath years. When those 70 years had expired, God would give the command to let them return.

The Cyrus declaration runs parallel to Trump’s announcement in December of 2017, after his victory in the elections. Trump announced that he would move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and thus legally mark Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the eyes of many Jews in Israel Trump had become the new Cyrus. Jerusalem had been captured by the Ottomans and held by them for 400 years until finally liberated by the British General Allenby.  Then 1917, Lord Balfour, a Christian, set in motion a series of events that set aside a large portion of land for the Jews in the land of Palestine. Many Jews moved to the land but it was only in 1947 when President Truman declared his support for the formation of a new nation called Israel. The nation was approved by the league of Nations and Israel became a nation in 1947-48. 70 years later Trump becomes President, a man who was born in the time of Truman who was so touched by the Jewish cause that he declared in his tears that “I am the new Cyrus.” Here you have two American Presidents who carry on the Kingly power of Cyrus to announce Israel’s Holy Prophetic ownership of God’s city of Jerusalem.

The number 70 comes into play again in the 9th Chapter of Daniel, when Gabriel announces to Daniel the prophetic 70-sevens countdown that would begin at the next announcement of a Persian leader. This leader was Artaxerxes, who in 457 BC, declared that he would help Israel rebuild not only the Temple but also the walls of Jerusalem – thus establishing the new city. Notice that it is not just the number 70 but again the combination 70 X 7 or seventy sevens equaling 490 years. Amazing that God generated this special moment bracketed by two 70- Sevens Prophetic periods! Gabriel explains to Daniel the amazing thing that will happen during this period; the birth, introduction, and “cutting off” of the promised Messiah! Just as God promised, Jesus the Messiah appears on the scene in an official way at the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem fulfilling this remarkable countdown laid down by Gabriel, at the perfect time. This should get your attention. God is weaving a perfect promise. All this is explained in detail in my book Cosmic Crossroad Countdown.

Note that Gabriel appears to Daniel at the time of “the final sacrifice.” So why are we told this? Probably because God wants us to know that he is shaping history with an intricate pattern. For we know that Jesus Christ was the “final sacrifice” who also died at the 3 P.M. hour. Through the Prophet Zechariah God states that he will make Jerusalem “ a cup that will make all the nations tremble.” He has indeed done this even in our time as most nations have refused to recognize Jerusalem as being Israel’s capital. Pundits were declaring that a war would start and condemnations of all kinds were spewed out by the Arab countries and by the UN.  Israel has received more declarations of condemnation from the UN than all the evil, corrupt nations of the world combined!

Now we know that Daniel was the chief Magi in the Babylonian/Persian era and therefore his students would remember all the methods that God imparted to Daniel on how to discern and observe the time and place of any divine sign. That sign was the Bethlehem Star that may have been an exploding star in the “womb” of the constellation Virgo. This Virgo-Leo combination with Drago the dragon sitting above waiting for the birth is explained in my book and stated in Revelation 12: 1-4 in the Bible. So Daniel connects us to both the first and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The 70 weeks have not been fulfilled, for a final week of 7 years has yet to happen. This final week of 7 years will happen soon to fulfill the pattern and complete the tapestry that God has set before us. What else can we discern from Daniel that may help us?

We know that the first 69 sevens or 483 years have taken place and led to very day that Jesus entered Jerusalem on the fowl of a donkey. Why did God separate these last 7 years? Obviously he has a reason which we cannot perceive completely. My thought is that God is giving mankind every opportunity to turn to Him and repent. He is very patient and has already added on nearly 2000 years. He promised the Jews that they would return to their land and they did in 3 important stages: 1917 the Balfour Agreement open a big door ; 1948 opened the door even wider with the formation of the nation of Israel; 1967 the door to Jerusalem was opened when the Jews took control of the Temple Mount; and in 2017 the legal status of Jerusalem was proclaimed by the most powerful leader of the most influential “empire” of our time the President of America. Now understand that 2017 also marked the 70th year of the formation of the nation; the 50th year (Jubilee) of the liberation of Jerusalem from Islamic control; and the 100th year of the liberation of the Promised Land from the Ottoman Empire!

Other Amazing Observations: 1) During the 1967 battle for the Temple Mount the some of the Jewish soldiers were surprised to see a rabbi among them. This rabbi blew the shofar celebrating the victory and his name was Goren which in Hebrew means “Threshing floor.” If you remember it was David who first purchased the Temple Mount from the owner of its threshing floor. And if you also remember it was Jesus who called himself the Bread of life, who was born in the city of Bread, Bethlehem. He broke bread with his disciples and reminds us at each Lord’s Supper that his body was given up for us as we eat the “bread of life.” Now realize that no shofar was blown when the President of the U.S. legalized the Jewish capital of Jerusalem- but note that his name is “TRUMP” – so in God’s way his voice and declaration was the “trump” that declared God’s promise fulfilled!

2) General Allenby’s declaration of victory over the Ottoman control of Palestine occurred in the first week of December. This was also true of Truman’s declaration and of Trumps declaration. Why this pattern? Are there other patterns that can help us understand what is about to happen?

3) On the Jubilee year the trumpet is sounded and the land is returned to the original owner. 1917 was a Jubilee year and the land was returned to its original owner: God’s people. In 1967 a Jubilee year, Jerusalem was returned to its original owner: God’s people. In 2017 another Jubilee year, the legal status of God’s people over the city of Jerusalem was guaranteed by the leading power in the world.

The Greatest Battle – Twisted

It is apparent that our world is in a major spiritual battle threatening every sector and landscape. This could easily be the Greatest spiritual Battle of all time. The World and its people are at an epic crossroad where lies and truth are not only colliding, but are also being twisted to confuse the masses and sow discontent and rebellion. These twisted times are threatening the soul of our nation and the family. The fringes of insanity seem to characterize the news and many leaders such as Bishops declaring their power greater than God, or Congresswomen stoking violence against governmental staff, or the daily display of public perversion and disparity. Are we in twilight zone of self-destruction?
Just as Jerusalem has become the center of controversy and division in much of world politics, the administration in Washington has become the vortex for a storm of hostility. I am convinced that Trump is God’s man for this challenging time. As the name implies, God’s “trumpet” is being blown for all nations to know that a supernatural promise is being fulfilled. God’s plan is advancing at a rapid rate and the big question is, will His final promise to the Jews and to the church follow soon? As expected the enemy will try to thwart anything that God does here on earth. The spiritual battle has reached a new stage and will be intensified. The church and its believers must keep in prayer.
As I write this there are evil spirits, principalities, and dark forces working to divide our nation and every relationship that we have. This Spirit of evil works by controlling minds and sowing division not only in the political arena, but also in homes, churches, schools, and in every age group, race, and social status. Toxic emotions and thoughts are driving the fake news, the widespread social disorder, and the ever-increasing irrational behavior and violence. Uncompromising anger is being sown by once respected Newscasters, and by others who want to twist the truth to undermine authority in God, Government, and Family. Instead of allaying fear and doubt they are stoking more fear and confusion. Drugs, Sex exploitation, Sex Trafficking, pornography, gambling, gaming, and Hollywood’s poison are only adding fuel to the fire.
Satan and his demons are hard at work, and if you know of anyone with a mental illness, keep them in prayer. We are becoming a nation of stimulant driven zombies willing to follow any spirit that numbs us to the truth. Secular television and movies are not helping us. They are only hypnotizing and blinding people to a future demonic visitation. Satan and his minions are using escapism and horror to prepare the world for their invasion of “space”. This space is not outer-space, it is inner-space. It took God just a few weeks to get Israel out of Egypt, but it took 40 years to get the “Egyptian mentality” out of the Israelite.
We must keep our leaders and our law enforcement in prayer. This spreading darkness is weakening our nation and our resolve. It is opening us up to both a physical and a spiritual attack of much larger scale and consequences. Keep our armed forces, our missions, and intelligence gathering forces in your prayers. We are already seeing Congressional leaders promoting violence and others promising to disrupt our election process. I believe that the rebellion of Matthew 24 and II Thessalonians 2:3 is about to begin.
As described in my book, COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN, a “Pandora’s Box” has been opened. We are seeing the rise and fall of the proud and rebellious. Extreme weather and other events mentioned above are also signs. This is part of His plan and in midst of these trials He will help us spread the Gospel; and one way is to give us encouraging signs. It is no coincidence that the Triple Crown winner was Justify, Justify, and then Justify. This reminds the world that Jesus Christ will win despite the odds. He has justified us through the cross and has defeated both sin and death. His sacrifice for our sin justifies us in the eyes of God. He has given us a picture of His rescue and sacrifice in the real-life drama of the 12 boys in the dark cave. One has already given up his life for the others. From that will come the rescue of the others. The whole world has been captivated by this massive rescue attempt that I predict will Glorify God in more ways than one. The number 12 is significant. In speaking to the flesh-fallen Corinthians, Paul wrote, “We are humans, but we don’t wage war as humans do. We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.”
One of those destructive strongholds is the lie of evolution and another which is interconnected is the lie of “no life in the womb”. The idea of survival of the fittest contradicts everything that is good about the human struggle. They want us to believe that they support the innocent, yet they kill the most innocent. They claim tolerance yet they refuse honest debate, They claim the side of reason, yet good observation and logic proves them wrong. Read the Word and study with prayer the truth so as to understand and destroy those strongholds around you. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Eph. 6:12.
The Truth is the world is against God and that is why we are seeing the broad uplifting of the LIE to counter God’s TRUTH. No city in the world is more deserving to be declared the capital of a nation than Jerusalem to be Israel’s Capital. The land grant and the promise is written in the eternal and supernatural Word of God. That is one important reason why Islam and much of the world is coming against Israel and Trump. Just remember that Alexander the Great, the man who conquered that entire part of the world did NOT conquer Jerusalem. He marched around it and left.
Hebrews 4:15-16, “For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin. Therefore, let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”
Jesus gave a warning to both the weak Christian and church, Luke 11:22, “But when someone stronger than he attacks him and overpowers him, he takes away from him all his armor on which he had relied and distributes his plunder.

He Cares…

Even in the midst of a desert He feeds the little birds, yet how much more  will He care for you and help you.

There are 3 things that God has given us that no one can take away.
Our name
our Spirit
& our time.
Our name was given to us at birth and is more than what someone calls us. Our name is our legal right and gives us a position in society dependent on the government. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior we are given a new position, one which is eternal and cannot be altered. In a sense our position is stamped with God’s blood on a “divine passport”. The blood of Jesus Christ justifies us in the eyes of God and we are given a new title which could be summed up as, “Son of the Most High God.” This “passport” entitles us to enter His eternal kingdom of Heaven and to have fellowship with Him forever. We may fail on earth or suffer loss, but God knows our “name” and will hear us in our need. What is so incredible and wonderful about this is that God
knows everything,
sees everything,
and yet is also in us.
Jesus said, “You are in me, and I am in you.”
This could only happen through a power beyond our natural world and our natural thinking and sight. This power is the Spirit. God seals His Spirit in us when we accept or believe in His Name. Yes, his name defines who He is, What He did for us, our position as the adopted son or daughter of the Most High, and guarantees all this with the Holy Spirit that He places in us. Our time on earth is limited and only God knows its length and purpose. He allows us to contribute to His kingdom by the time we spend on this earth and how we spend that time. He loves us so much that he not only wants us to join his Kingdom by trusting in Him, but also wants us to know Him with confidence so that we can share Him with others before it is too late.

This is the main reason why I wrote my book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN: The Fig Tree and the Prophetic Generation. If you read it, it will help you understand the “why” of everything. My desire is to bring Light into dark areas of knowledge and history in order to inspire people to think logically, study God’s Word in a deeper way, and see God for who He is. Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled, Trust in God; trust also in me.”

SOS Save our Souls (also a page on Facebook to draw the LOST)

The infinite God is beyond our understanding. His obscurity and our desire to connect with him, helps us to know our own corruption. In the end we realize that we can only fully know him if something beyond our own mental capacity helps us. It is as if a door to heaven must open, a door connected to our heart. He purposefully conceals divine truth from us so that we will struggle with our own limitations and sin. He did this in the mystery of prophecy, the power of His Word, in signs given us through history, and in his teaching of parables and other lessons.

The answers lie in His radical invasion of earth in finite time. The Word of God says that at a perfect moment in time, He came to us in human form. He came to remove barriers of time, space, matter, and energy. The all- Powerful God which no man can see and live, became divine flesh for us, so that we could see, touch, and learn from Him. He came so that we might have life in its fullest through faith in Him. He came so that we could have an eternal relationship with Him.

By simply trusting in His name and His resurrection we are delivered from darkness, sin, and that great obscurity. He will transform anyone who repents and turns to him. Once you do, you will not fully understand, but you will know him in a very profound way. Light reveals truth, and things that we cannot fully comprehend in our heart and mind will make sense over time. This growth in knowledge and wisdom is called sanctification.

Our relationship to Him is often compared to a marriage, for as in a marriage, it takes the test of time with both experience and trials to incubate a mature love that deepens the marital bonds. The minute you accept Him as your Savior, your sins are forgiven and you are made righteous in Him. The relationship is sealed, but as in every relationship the real adventure is discovering the wonders beyond our own little world. As new creations in Christ we are like born-again babies learning the newness of His creation and His Truth.

a Supernatural War

There is a great war occurring around us for the minds, souls, and hearts of not only our children but for every human that walks this earth. This is why we have to watch what we do and say and do. Jesus said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you…” (Matthew 13:11). One of those secrets is this—the entire spiritual realm works on authority.  This is just like the kingdoms in fairy tales (they get all their good ideas from the Gospel). “Yes,” all those great stories of supernatural evil being overcome by goodness are stories of Redemption based on the Gospel.

Remember—Adam and Eve were given authority over the earth, to “rule and subdue.” But they forfeited that authority and the devil became the usurping “prince of this world.” This is reality! Satan has done a great job of making people think that this is the fable.  And “NO”, it is not and the sooner you accept this Truth the sooner your mind, soul, and Spirit will be set free. Through the cross Jesus cast the dark prince down, and after his resurrection he said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Matthew 28:18). Authority was given, then lost, and later recovered by Jesus Christ on the Cross.

I just returned from Morocco where I learned that the Jews in Spain were saved by Morocco and it is no coincidence that Morocco is a safe country for Christians and tourists in general. God has blessed this amazing land which is much like Israel. The land varies from sand dunes to beautiful “Swiss like mountains” with snow and a “Swiss” village. Figs, dates, Olive trees, and other common Israeli fruit and vegetables grow in the land. There are large swaths of farmland growing grain and other products.

The Divine Crossroads and Signs

IN writing my book I wanted to impart to the reader the fact that we are living in a special time where we are witnessing a “Crossover or Crossroad” in Jewish and Gentile History, and also in Jewish & Gentile Celestial Signs along with Jewish and Gentile Scientifically Historical Archaeological discoveries. For instance this last summer we had a series of significant celestial events: One was the Solar Eclipse over America (which indeed was a forewarning of severe storms to come) and the others were the Blood Moons and the overlay of the “Great Sign of the Woman” in Rev. 12:1-4 (which portends supernatural and natural events related to Israel, Jerusalem, and her exiled people).
What happened in the 1947-48 historical period was not only the formation of the nation of Israel, but also the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls verified the accuracy and Truth of every Word in the Old and New Testament (for in the New Testament Jesus defined the Promises, and God’s character with many important references to Isaiah and prophets like Daniel). The accuracy of these references were carefully transcribed by the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls and are “divine finger prints” or Living Testimonies of the reality of God’s Prophecies and Promises for us today.  Many came True in the time of Jesus. And some have yet to be fulfilled- and since we know the others came true 100%, we can Trust that the remaining will indeed be fulfilled with 100% accuracy! 
We are also seeing this Crossover in the “Old City of David” archaeological digs that are occurring as I write this. They have found concrete proof that David was not just a regional mayor, but a national leader and king of a real nation whose capital was Jerusalem. This means that the Jews are not a colonial power invading a foreign land owned by the Palestinians- “No” this proves that the Bible is true and the Jewish people are indeed the owners or inheritors of this land!
This is part of the Testimony of God’s city of Jerusalem which is being revealed shovel by shovel, and word to word.  And it is fitting that America and our President have played the historical role by testifying of this fact to the Gentile World.
The Lies and Deceptions designed by dark forces are being pushed back by the Gospel with supernatural transformations shaped by God, and also by Science and epic natural events! This is an Amazing time to be alive.  In my book I describe a powerful set of “divine signs” given to us in the banners carried by the 4 groups of Hebrew tribes in the Wilderness.  These are the same images seen on the faces of the Angels with Wheels in Heaven and amazingly they appear as symbols for the 4 Gospels.  The wheels of Time are being repeated with Signs given to us by God for our discernment in this present Time.  The name of the book is  COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN: The Fig Tree & The Prophetic Generation.
Today we have signs pointing to the rise and fall of people and people groups.  It was no coincidence that at the 2017 Oscars, Warren Beatty (representing Glorified brutal violence against the innocent- ie. Bonnie & Clyde that terrorized small Texas towns) read out the incorrect winner as being La La Land – which represents Hollywood.  They were the losers for Moonlight which points to God and to his people are the winners.  Hollywood income like Disney is falling and their fortunes will fall in many other ways  as exemplified by Weinstein.

Hell and a warning

HELL and a warning:

Why do you think, Jesus Christ spoke more about Hell than about Heaven?  Do  you think it is because He knew the future and the Lies that Satan would spin about God’s Eternal Judgment? I believe that He wanted to make it very, very clear to us that Hell is a place to fear for it is an eternal punishment and not just a momentary punishment.  Even Justinian compromised and explained that surely God would allow the dead an opportunity to be redeemed or prayed into heaven. This of course is where the idea of “Purgatory” came from.  Sadly this is  the belief of all Catholics and Mormons (who do not name it purgatory), and therefore probably the majority of people who call themselves “Christian”. Satan has done a good job of deceiving people.  This is a very sad reflection of the church and the Seminaries.  Speaking of seminaries, they have also neglected to teach their students about the importance and facets of Apologetics.  Hence they graduate students without the ability to defend the Faith against the adherents of Evolution and the cults!

The Seventh Day Adventist and the Jehovah Witness have another take on Hell. They do not believe in it at all, and declare that everything will be annihilated except for them.  This Annihilation deception is again, Satan’s attempt to negate the Sovereignty of God and  the “position” where God places believers and non-believers.  Without Hell there is no True Heaven, and no True Tri-une God as declared by Jesus Christ,  the Holy Spirit and the Father.

Hell and the dark forces on this earth are connected to Satan and his schemes to thwart the Gospel and Redemption.  Satan and his demons will be cast into the same fiery pit as those who are condemned at the Great White Throne Judgment by God. This is not a temporary judgment.  Jesus said,  “The Son of Man will send out his angels and they will uproot from the kingdom everything that is spoiling it, and all those who live in defiance of its laws, and will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be tears and bitter regret.” (Matthew 13:24-43) Jesus called it a place of wailing and of weeping, a place of outer darkness.  Jesus also spoke of “Ge-henna” which was a familiar physical “hell” to the people of the time for it represented the smoldering garbage dump that served the city of Jerusalem.  Hell, of course, is not a physical place, and therefore annihilation which relates to the physical is not Biblical Truth!  Hell is an Eternal agony, and supernatural = an after death experience with eternal separation from God.  Right now, God is building up His Kingdom and Satan is building “down” his.

A Warning:  The Americo-Euro-Asians and all who choose the world over God, have grown too comfortable in a techno-sugar-coated-superficial narcissism. I am reminded of a man who was in prison and looked forward to latrine duty so that he could collect the used and unused toilet paper provided by the cruel warden from torn up Bibles. He so wanted to learn the Word of God. Many have grown up in total poverty or neglect and God is giving them visions and dreams to bring them to him. In this world of mass transportation and communication, God says, “I have given the privileged the Gospel and they have rejected me, so I am giving the crumbs to the dispossessed.”

He warns, “I am going to bring you to Holy ground one way or another, so you had better come as soon as you can on my terms. You chose to ignore me and to resist my gifts of salvation and the Spirit, now you will face cleansing trials and tribulations”.

He is saying, “I spoke in parables because you would not listen nor hear; you refused to see me and see the Truth. You want your own desires and your own dreams, so I will give them to you as a veil that will blind you to my coming. You seek your own will, so I will harden your heart, and as unto the Pharaoh you will not see my judgment to come until it is too late. You hear and follow false prophets and teachers; you think and hope you will be lifted up before you are tried;  I will not pluck the spoiling seed until the stalk dies, for you will face the desert wind, fire, and the shaking from the four corners. You and your people will fall into deception, and lies, and the mighty will fall. My Word is not a hidden Truth, yet you have failed to study my Revelation and my Promises.”

Jesus forewarns us all concerning the “days of Noah,” and people will be marrying and being given unto marriage, when the judgment comes. They will not heed the warnings, nor give any credence to them. Are you one of them? Read the new book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN: The Fig Tree & the Prophetic Generation to understand what is about to happen.  History will repeat itself and the “Wheels of Time” are there for us to study and learn from.

Turkey is turning more and more into the Gog of the Bible.  They have imprisoned Pastor Brunson on trumped up charges using hidden witnesses and mock trials.  They have in essence admitted that they are doing this in retribution for our failure to turn over certain American citizens for trial in their country. There is good evidence that Turkey is the “seat of Satan” as described in Revelation, concerning the church of Pergamum.  Satan would feel at home in a city with 4 Temples to the Emperors of Rome, a Temple to Artimus, and a huge Temple to Zeus on top of there summit. This summit complex had the steepest amphitheater in the world and still stands.  In one of the buildings snakes would be used for healing; there were rooms where one would sleep with snakes in the hope that the serpents would crawl over them and give them good dreams, and healing.  Zeus was the pinnacle of paganism and represented Apostasy. Like BAAL he was the God of Thunder with lightening in his hands. He was connected to the defilement of the Temple- the abomination of desolation in the 2nd century BC.  In essence this altar was to be the throne to Satan, but it was pulled down by the Maccabean revolt. The altar in Pergamum was not destroyed at this time.  Read Rev. 2:12 about the church, “where Satan dwells…” Later under Titus and the altar of Zeus, Rome would rename the area where the Jews had lived as “Palestinia”.   Satan is and was determined to remove the Jews and displace even their name.  He wants to put himself on the throne of your life- will you let him?

The Christian elder and pastor, Antipas was burned alive as a burnt offering at the altar to Zeus in Pergamum.  This “throne of Satan” was later discovered by a German engineer  and moved to Berlin and reconstructed.  In 1930 it was opened to the public just in time for Adolph Hitler.  This throne and altar inspired Hitler’s podium platform and his torch parades, and eventually the “Cathedral of Light” created by dozens of spotlights pointing to heaven. Read Isaiah 14:12-14 and read the amazing parallel to Satan-like pride and ambition.   Hitler employed “Hollywood Stars” to add to his German mystique.  Soon he formed the Nuremberg Laws which removed the citizenship from the Jews and then set up the “final solution,” the Holocaust.  Was this in essence another “burnt offering” to Satan, just as Antipas was? Hitler made the Jews the “scapegoat”.  The Jews were led like lambs to slaughter in “cattle cars”.

We may see Turkey making more alliances with nations like Russia and Iran in the near future, as it contends with both Israel and America.  Recently Erdogan, the self proclaimed dictator of Turkey, told America and Israel that moving the embassy to Jerusalem “was their red line.”  Iran has already told us that rescinding the Iran agreement established by Obama, would be crossing a red line, with severe consequences. Well that line was crossed, and Iran fired missiles into Israel – a big mistake.  Israel had already warned Putin and the Russians not to turn on their anti-aircraft SAM missiles which they honored. Israel was able to destroy all the Iranian military sites in Syria in just one evening.  Now Iran, realizing that they have been betrayed by Russia, has reneged on the treaty and agreements with Russia, Europe and others and is preparing for nuclear war.

Here in May or June we also have the potential conference between Kim of North Korea and Trump.  Is this another trap or smokescreen from North Korea for a surprise attack on the South or on us?   We are entering a very precarious period with ominous signs.  Some of those signs are of natural order such as the 3 surprise eruptions of a normally “dormant” Steamboat geyser in Yellowstone (which produces a geyser 10X the volume of Old Faithful) and the fierce eruption of the volcano on the large island in Hawaii.  This is a volcanic island like many in the Pacific that are now very active.  There are earthquakes happening all around the ring of fire surrounding the entire Pacific ocean.  Does all this portend of a massive earthquake in California?

There is a chance for Redemption to all who call upon the Lord.  God is bringing miraculous healing and salvation to many people throughout the Middle East and the World.  Trust is the Lord with All your Heart and Lean not on your own understand, Acknowledge Him in all that you do, and He will make your path straight.  If you confess Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that He was raised from the dead, you will be saved.




THE Approaching Fire

For your eyes only: The month of May looks to be a tricky time with both the Iran deal and Korea’s Kim up for negotiations, the NRA meeting in Dallas, the AT&T decision, and the move of the American Embassy! Putin is a lot like Kim in that both have assassinated their own people overseas, have hacked our systems, and have threatened us with nuclear weapons.  This is now May 8th and Trump has successfully nixed that bad Iran agreement.  Amazing how the media misrepresented the truth. The Iran deal did not do what Obama said it would do, hold back violence in the Middle East.  It only empowered Iran to spend the money we gave them to build and ship better weapons and rockets to its proxies and its own forces in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon!  Obama sold out Israel with a kiss.
There have also been 3 rather large earthquakes in Iran and 3 large eruptions of the Steamboat geyser in Yellowstone- each eruption being 10 times larger than Old Faithful’s size. God has shown me that May is also significant as it leads to Shavout or Pentecost which many feel is an important transitional point in time for both Jew and Gentile. It denotes two important points in history when God reached down to man with fire and love. First there was the Law at Mt. Horeb when God wrote the Law with the finger of fire, and then there was Pentecost when the Holy Spirit appeared in fingers of fire upon each believer. It represents what Zachariah said, “Not by might, nor by power, but by Spirit saith the Lord”.
Will God test our Spirit and our willingness to go to Him for guidance, help, and strength? Will we look to the Holy Spirit who is sealed in each believer and to the Moral Law for guidance or will be look to the world and its lies?  I believe that God is warning us that He will soon test us with fire mixed with love.  Just as in the case of the twin towers, God’s testing brought people to repentance.  If our nation would repent and seek God with all our hearts we would not go through this testing.  However, each time He brings a test we go through only a temporary repentance which, as in the time of Israel’s judgment, was soon followed by even worse disobedience and harlotry.  As a nation many fools are relishing evil and rebellion against God’s love and message.  God has only one choice – and that is to punish this blatant rebellion before “His innocent children fall away.”  ……this is what the Lord has placed in my heart…..By the way II Thessalonians warns us about the rebellion that happens right before the rise of the Anti-Christ.  We are seeing many powerful leaders go down in flames as they lie and boast – but then fall when their own sin is discovered.  The latest was the famed N.Y. district Attorney who was prosecuting the Harvey Weinstein case and in trying to make Harvey a spectacle to scowl at – he became the greater spectacle!
You can read more about this timeline and the “Wheels of Time” that are crossing over by reading my book: Cosmic CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN: The Fig Tree and the Prophetic Generation.

The Approaching Darkness –

There is an Approaching Darkness. When Jesus was on the cross there was a darkness for 3 hours that terrified even the soldiers. This was neither an eclipse nor a cloud. This was a supernatural darkness that also resulted in an earthquake, the cracking of rocks (which must have made some horrendous noise), and the supernatural top-to-bottom tearing of the 4-inch thick curtain dividing the Holy of Holies from the inner sanctuary. The thick darkness that fell over Egypt as the ninth plague covered the earth for 3 days. I believe that this is not a coincidence. In my book I compare the period of 70 days from the “budding of the fig tree” to the time of “fruit bearing” as a parallel to the 70-year Prophetic Generation spoken by Jesus at the Olivet discourse. It is fitting that the Shadow of death striking the first-born of Egypt came right after the 3 days of Darkness. Likewise the death of the Savior came right after the 3 hours of darkness. The fleeing Israelites were delivered by God, just as God delivered mankind in the resurrection. The 70 days of flower-to-fig conversion where the flower becomes the inner part of the fruit, is a unique floral transformation from the inside out. Likewise, the 70-year Prophetic Generation discussed in my book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN will generate a unique time of New Beginnings and repentance among a lost generation of “flower children.” There will follow a deliverance for those who seek God and find him.

At our ministry this last Sunday, a guy who claimed Jesus Christ in his life, exuberantly demanded my attention while I was sharing God’s Truth with a younger man (much like what happened many weeks ago when I was sharing with the young New Ager- and a Hindu crazed guy interrupted our conversation- who also claimed a relationship with Jesus). This new guy had numerous tattoos on his arms hands and neck. He wanted to tell me that the Bible supported the idea that the earth was flat. I told him that Isaiah stated the phrase “the circle of the earth” which he ignored and then quoted Genesis: “and the Spirit hovered over the face of the waters”. He asked me how can the “face of waters” be round, and then stated, “the word ‘face’ implies a flat surface and after all you cannot bend water!” I looked at him and replied, “you are wrong water can be bent”. Then he dared me to explain. So I asked him if he had ever heard of gravity? To which he replied “so what?”  I said there are many natural forces that can bend water and one of those is when you take a cup of water and swing your arm as you empty the cup….the water pours out in a bend due to centrifugal forces. But the most obvious and common bend is that due to gravity when a wave breaks on a beach… bends at the angle of the Fibonacci curve. He walked away…..

Why are there so many crazy people that claim to be Christians? Doesn’t the Holy Spirit give us common sense? Then it occurred to me that the majority of so called Christians actually believe that God did not create the Universe and everything in it- that evolution did it… it saddened me to realize how effective Satan has been. I ask these people to explain to themselves where all earths 356 trillion billion gallons of water came from, or how can evolution create a language called DNA which is more complicated and diverse than all the verbal languages on the earth put together!!!!??  Evolution cannot create even one single sentence in any language- the reality of evolution is so illogical that it would be easier to prove that the earth is flat.  This is just another sign of the End Times…. False Christs, Lies, Slander, and Deceit, and most of all Satan’s deception. Read my book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN and learn more.

Something to Share: Had one of the top Prophecy Teachers tell me that I could not show nor sell my book at his Conference. He apparently disagreed with something I wrote. So I asked him a question concerning his recent TV show. He had said that on Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate. He also stated that the Temple was actually not where the Dome of the Rock is but further north so that its entrance was in line with this Eastern Gate. I had told him that my book looks at many aspects of Prophecy and other Truths with logic from the viewpoint of an artist, scientist, and military strategist- that one of the weaknesses of present interpretation is that LOGIC and COMMON SENSE is often neglected. He implied that that was ridiculous- so I asked him a question about his lesson on TV, “how can you have the Eastern gate aligned with the Temple and yet still have Jesus making his entrance there?” He thought and then said “DUH – Jesus got off the donkey and then walked into the Temple grounds”. So I asked my NEXT question: “How then could this be called a Triumphal Entrance by the Prophet Zechariah?’ After all a Triumphal Entry implies a King entering on horseback!” He was stunned…and just ended the conversation. The truth is Jesus did not enter Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate. Yet this High Minded Prophecy Teacher has been teaching this on TV as if he is the expert.  This guy did not use common sense – since most people know that the most significant aspect about Christ’s entrance was that it was like the entrance of a KING and thus called the “Triumphal Entry.” The Bible does not say where he entered, but people like him like to use their “expertise” to make bad conclusions

By the way last weekend two  men accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

BOOK Ends – Thoughts on Cosmic Crossroad Countdown.

In math we know a negative + negative = a positive.  So how does a double negative become positive in real life?  God is the master of surprise and surprised the world with a series of these.   Jesus Christ became a captive to set the captives free, He became sin to destroy sin, He died for us to defeat death.   This is the power behind the bronze serpent in the wilderness that healed all those who looked on it. Jesus became sin for us so that we might be set free from sin – a parallel of the healing that came to those who looked upon the serpent on the pole.  Read about the Wilderness experience in Cosmic Crossroad Countdown
The Burning Bush in the Wilderness was an eternal fire, and so was the torch fire  at the Abrahamic Covenant,  the fire beaming from the eyes of God and the fire of the Shekinah Glory which followed the Israelites.  Fire would normally consume organic matter, but instead this fire not only brings light but also carries a supernatural message.  In essence this type of event goes against the natural order and would involve a visible infinity.  If you saw an angel, for instance, this would be looking into infinity.  Abraham was asleep when the torch passed between the sacrificed animals.  Moses, however, was awake and saw “God” in the fire.   I would conclude that the fire denotes eternal time, matter, power (energy) & revelation – Awesome Truth laden with Love and Grace -in other Words the “I AM”.   This would involve, the Present, the Future, and the Past, for God is not affected by Time.  We are given a portion of this Holy fire when the fire of the Holy Spirit is sealed in us.  This is the eternal seal that guarantees our salvation.  He is God’s Spirit, an eternal fire within us – a source of the divine Light revealing Truth in the Word of God and elsewhere.  We, however, are not greater than the angels until we are “resurrected” into the presence of God.  At the point we also become eternal beings, greater than the angels, but not “mini-god-spirits” like the Mormons believe.

Paul the Apostle who had a first-hand experience of the “Light” of Jesus Christ writes that as children of light “we should have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness” (Ephesians 5:11-12), taking the responsibility to reprove them and expose the lies. This includes the lies of evolution which deny the Power and Glory of God Almighty who defeated the Sin of Adam and the Fall of Man, on the Cross.  The Light exposes that which is reproved by God, enabling us to “walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise” (Ephesians 5:15). That wisdom is not the foolish wisdom of this world (1 Corinthians 1:20) but the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 2:7), “that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God,” understanding what the will of the Lord is.   Through his death and resurrection, Jesus who is, “God with Us (Emmanuelle),” has made His Kingdom available to everyone for free, and has manifested the Truth in His Word and Answered Prophecy.  The kingdom treasures are manifested in both the Old and New Testaments, but the “new wine” of Grace sets us free from the curse of the Law.  This Gift of Hope, Love, and Peace, the “kingdom life”, pulses through our heart and every fiber of our body and Spirit, as we wait for his return.  Jesus said, “Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the Age,” Matt. 28:20.

In the book of Romans God  forewarns us of a new kind of flood in the future. In the book of Daniel, God speaks of the widespread expansion of information and a population on the move. This information deluge will overwhelm people with useless and distracting data that will draw the generations further and further away from the Word of God and from a relationship with Him. This deluge of information will also allow enemy sources to penetrate and disable our personal and national intelligence data banks and hardware that are keys to world survival, but not our eternal security.
This rapid rise in knowledge will  lead to increased perversion, and greater threats to God’s city, Jerusalem, and to His promised Israel.  Instead of repenting those who wish to attack the traditional family will and have joined up with the witches, the cults, the abortionist, the criminals (illegal aliens, felons, and radical Islam), and even those who are pushing for legalized marijuana.  They do not realize that they are playing with a Hellish fire that will consume them.  “Just as they did not seem fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them up to a depraved mind, to do things which are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil……..” “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator….”
As explained in earlier posts and in COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN, the “Great Sign” of Revelation 12 is an invisible sign for a skeptical world.  Unlike the Star of Bethlehem, which was visible to those with “eyes” to see, and the many visible appearances that the Lord made in  the Old Testament as a “Theophany”, God is not going to make an appearance until His Second Coming – at least the Bible does not forewarn us of any!  Near the End of Time, He will appear in the clouds to receive the church, and again on the Mount of Olives to face the world’s forces.  One of the first signs of His 2nd Coming will actually come from the Anti-Christ and his covenant with Israel.  It is important to note that this “Great Sign” was greatly promoted in the news by fake prophets as being a sign of a coming collision with a Planet-X.  Satan loves to distract us from God’s Truth and from the meaning of His Sign.  The minute the sun rose, the stars and planets and moon became invisible to our eyes.  What else is invisible, yet great?  Yes, God and all the angels are invisible yet great, and as real as the ground you stand on. Hence the this sign points to the supernatural or that which is real, yet cannot be seen.  We know the Great Sign was real because our astronomers and star-maps told us so.  And God knew that we would have this knowledge.  Read the book for to learn why this was a very, very unusual sign, and remember that the “child” is the church & not Jesus.  Then read about the dragon in Rev. 12, that wants to devour the child.  Also read about Satan in the next paragraph, and check out the statement below:
I believe that time is short, as discussed in the book.  God seems to be shaking up the world to the point that those who have gained power and prestige through lies, ill gain, and selfish determination are taking a fall from grace. The celebrities and politicians, like Congressman John Conyers and ABC’s Matt Lauer, who have used and abused their power are now being exposed and shamed by their own kind, the liberal media. It reminds me of how Gideon defeated the Midianite army and coalition of forces. There was fire-balls thrown into the darkness which confused the enemy and caused them to destroy each other. God will find divine ways to teach the power hungry a big lesson. The Light of Truth and the Fire of the Holy Spirit will confuse, and destroy darkness. Jesus says to us, “I am the Light of the Word, follow me and you will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life.”  We are seeing the “reversal of fortunes” or “surprise returns” in relation to the Jubilee year, as described in my book.  However, I had thought that this would also be reflected in the economy. Instead we are seeing this happen in a personal way to a person’s fortune, reputation, and self-esteem. God has orchestrated this fall for their sake so that in their loss and fall they will return to Him in repentance. This reversal of fortune or fall from grace is a shadow or reflection of Satan’s fall from heaven described in Revelation 12.

Why is the number 12 or Revelation 12 important?  Twelve is the number of Perfection & Authority – but also of “Time” set by God in the natural world of the moon, sun, stars, & constellations, (12 months, 12 Constellation Signs, and two sets of 12 hours). Twelve is also an interesting number combination of the perfect unit 2 found in all of creation and the number 10 of purification. The number “two” defines a dynamic coexistence of opposites or contrasts that balance forces, entities, divinity, space, and matter. All of creation is a balance of 2’s. Two can be looked at as a unit such as male and female, or the Hypostatic union of God and man, or light and darkness.

God in fact designed His Creation to witness both Good and evil. Thus, the number 12 could be looked at as a universal number for order in God’s Divine Plan for creation in both space and time!  The number 2 also represents God’s power manifested on earth.  We see 2 witnesses, the power of praying “where 2 are gathered”, the disciples going out 2 by 2, and many metaphors such as the two “olive trees” and “two lampstands” in Zechariah.   Two is also a sign of balance and stability.  It provides equal force and function to our body and those of other creatures.  The animals entered the ark two by two and God provides us two choices: to be with Him or separated from Him for eternity.  God is pointing to Revelation 12 for a reason-  a message from the “heavens” to forewarn us about supernatural events about to happen.  Everything is moving a lot faster and with more intensity including all the dark forces and principalities of evil.  This speeding up was forewarned by Daniel who was given the most important prophecy of all time:  The 70 Weeks Prophecy of the End of the Age.   Every aspect of life seems to be “accelerating and changing” so dramatically that many people in many nations fear that the world is hurtling toward doom.  America is no long the beacon of light reflected in the Statue of Liberty and the American Constitution.

There is an Approaching Darkness.   When Jesus was on the cross there was a darkness for 3 hours that terrified even the soldiers.  This was neither an eclipse nor a cloud.  This was a supernatural darkness that also resulted in an earthquake, the cracking of rocks (which must have made some horrendous noise), and the tearing of the 4-inch thick curtain  at the Holy of Hollies from top to bottom (hence God tearing it).  The thick darkness that fell over Egypt as the ninth plague covered the earth for 3 days.  I believe that this is not a coincidence.  In my book I compare the period of 70 days from the  “budding of the fig tree” to the time of “fruit bearing” as a parallel to the 70-year Prophetic Generation spoken by Jesus at the Olivet discourse.  It is fitting that the Shadow of death striking the first-born of Egypt came right after the 3 days of Darkness.  Likewise the death of the Savior came right after the 3 hours of darkness.   The Israelites were then delivered by God, just as God would deliver mankind through the resurrection.  The 70 days of germination of the fig floret results in the bearing of fruit and is a direct parallel to the 70 years since the “budding” of Israel.  The end of the 70-year Prophetic Generation will result in New Beginnings and new life in Christ.  There will be both a judgment and a deliverance.  Those who seek God will find Him and those who reject him will turn further and further away from truth and righteousness.

Turkey is turning more and more into the Gog of the Bible.  They have imprisoned Pastor Brunson on trumped up charges using hidden witnesses and mock trials.  They have in essence admitted that they are doing this in retribution for our failure to turn over certain American citizens for trial in their country. There is good evidence that Turkey is the “seat of Satan” as described in Revelation, concerning the church of Pergamum.  Satan would feel at home in a city with 4 Temples to the Emperors of Rome, a Temple to Artimus, and a huge Temple to Zeus.  Snakes would be used for healing; there were rooms where one would sleep with snakes in the hope that the serpents would crawl over them and give them good dreams, and healing. The Christian theologian and leader Antipas was burned alive and killed at the altar to Zeus.  This “throne of Satan” was later moved to Berlin and reconstructed by 1930, just in time for Adolph Hitler.  This throne and altar inspired Hitler’s torch parades and “Cathedral of Light” created by dozens of spotlights pointing to heaven.  Hitler employed “Hollywood Stars” to add to this German mystique.  Soon he formed the Nuremberg Laws which removed citizenship from the Jews setting them up for the “final solution,” the Holocaust.  Was this another “burnt offering” to Satan, just as Antipas was thousands of years earlier?

We may see Turkey making more alliances with nations like Russia and Iran in the near future, as it contends with both Israel and America.  Recently Erdogan, the self proclaimed dictator of Turkey, told America and Israel that moving the embassy to Jerusalem “was their red line.”  Iran has already told us that rescinding the Iran agreement established by Obama, would be crossing a red line, with severe consequences.  Here in May we also have the potential conference between Kim of North Korea and Trump.  Is this another trap or smokescreen from North Korea for a surprise attack on the South or on us?   We are entering a very precarious period with ominous signs.  Some of those signs are of natural order such as the 3 surprise eruptions of a normally “dormant” Steamboat geyser in Yellowstone (which produces a geyser 10X the volume of Old Faithful) and the fierce eruption of the volcano on the large island in Hawaii.  This is a volcanic island like many in the Pacific that are now very active.  There are earthquakes happening all around the ring of fire surrounding the entire Pacific ocean.  Does all this portend of a massive earthquake in California?



Celebrating Life & His Resurrection – Message to the Jew, the Lost & the Saved.

The Bible says Rejoice –  Stand firm – Resist the Devil – He (God) who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.  We are more than conquerors according to the Power of the Holy Spirit sealed within the new believer.  We are forgiven according to the Power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  We are sealed in His Promise because of faith in Him – in things not seen, the substance of things hoped for. Faith is like a tiny seed that must first die to live, but then will grow into a great and wonderful tree of life.  Our Faith in Jesus Christ sets us free forever, transforming our lives and bringing peace beyond understanding.

WHAT I LEARNED ON a recent trip to MALTA :  1) Having a “HIGH” education and intellect does not insure a mind of logic and truth.  Found this out today during our tour, from a well-dressed young lady who hit a car as she was pulling out from her parked spot.  Since she did not see the car which came in from around a corner, she felt it was not her fault and would not give the man insurance information.   And because we are in Malta and the police are hard to be found we had to wait over 30 minutes in the bus on a very narrow, ancient city street.  Our great achievements in science, engineering, & transportation were not going to make a difference.  We were trapped by history & human frailty and pure stubborness.

2) When Bad things happen do not despair, God can use the ugly, the bad, and the mistake to make something very good!  Only He can make a curse into a blessing. I had planned this Malta trip months ago with Angie and she broke her hip a month or so later, and therefore,  I thought the trip would be  hampered in a major way.   As it turns out, someone in a wheel chair gets through the security and boarding lines 10 times faster especially in the mass of humanity in Turkey and other places we flew (7 different planes)!

3)  Miracles are real!  Paul was bit by a viper and the people of Malta wanted to make him God when they saw that it did not affect him.  He refused their offer and pointed to the Truth of the Gospel then proceeded to heal the sick for 3 months .  During WWII an enemy bomber dropped a 500 lb. bomb onto the dome of the Mostra Cathedral.   The church was full of people trying to escape the bombing.  The bomb penetrated the heavy dome and hit the floor below skidding across the sanctuary towards the entrance.  It did not explode nor did it injure anyone!  Just one more “healing” – “salvation” miracle!

4) God blessed us by keeping the rain away reminding us how water and wind became the means through which the Apostle Paul a prisoner onboard a Roman supply vessel became shipwrecked off the Bay where we were staying.  Paul ended up staying on the island for 3 months during which time he miraculously healed many sick people. Eventually he was transported to Rome where he later was executed.  That island became a beacon of Christianity and the “Hospital” island of the Mediterranean.  The Knights of St. John who defeated the Ottoman invasion were most known for their skills in not only building hospitals but also in treating patients with methods they developed.  They were not crusaders, yet many died defending the Bible and the island  – they were Men from 8 nations- hence the eight points on the Maltese cross. They were called Knight Hospitaliers.

5) When returning to the US, we missed the Winter Bomb of early March in the North East by arriving a couple of days after the first one hit, and left a day before the next storm came in.  We were able to transfer to Washington DC to visit the White House and the Museum of the Bible:  “Washington Revelations” takes you by “jet drone” to all the Biblical quotes on Federal buildings, statues, and other museums. There is a special area on the writing of “Amazing Grace” and one on Sciences – Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo, George Washington Carver, and Newton.  There is also a great presentation on the 1st revival in America led by Whitfield, Nazareth at the time of Jesus, the writing of the Bible and all the martyrs and efforts to preserve the Word of God.  We learned how valuable the Word is to tribes worldwide – there are over 500 translations into various tribal languages.  One section was devoted to a new city found in Israel that many believe is the “city of 2 gates” where the Philistines fled after David killed Goliath.  Another one on how Christianity and the Bible has affected the American Culture- allowing one to listen to dozens of songs by different musicians and singers.

On the trip I had the opportunity to finish reading The Paradigm and had time to reflect on its import.  In my book, COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN,  I also discuss a “paradigm” one that connects the 1st century 70- year prophetic period of Christ’s birth to the 70-year Prophetic Generation of the birth of Israel. Both have a 20 year “maturation” period, then a 50-year period of global spread and importance.  As the church spread, its leaders were attacked then in 67 AD Peter and Paul were executed.  Likewise, Israel has had attacks from all its neighbors.  The threat to the cross, church and Israel continue to this day.  These parallels in history are no coincidence. 

In this letter I want to remind the reader of the most important day in the History of the World.  Out of nowhere a man like no other man threw the powers of the world on its heels.  Even though the prophets had forewarned of this moment, few recognized the Truth in front of them.  In many ways it was like the Days of Noah –for which the world did not listen and was judged by water (here we have the water motif again). John the Baptist came to baptize the sinner with water and Jesus came to baptize them by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

When He rose from the dead, he preached for 40 days then Ascended into Heaven.  Ten days later the Holy Spirit came in fire upon those gathered at Shavout or what we call Pentecost.  This year’s Resurrection Celebration comes on April 1 which is April Fool’s day for the first time in many decades.  It is fitting for this is the Day that Satan was fooled into thinking that he would defeat God and win dominion over mankind.  Those who submit to the Lies of the World, choosing self & denying the person of God are also fools.  Many try to use God through legalism and misuse of the Word to accomplish their own purpose.  Jesus could have been King and Priest of a Great Kingdom at Satan’s bequest, but He chose to die a cruel death on the cross in order to be our Savior.  He defeated Satan, death, and sin offering us the Gift of Eternal Life.

To the World and to the Jew, God asks why do you think that you have earned your Salvation? I am not your King. I AM the Lamb Of God who paid the Price for your sins. I AM the Gift of Salvation offered to those who believe in me. I AM, Jesus Christ, your Redeemer the Holy One of Israel, who cleanses one of sin. I AM the only Salvation from SIN. By my scourging you are healed; not by might nor by power but by my Spirit.

The Jews did not look for a Savior. They wanted A King to give them what they deserved…and in a perverted way this is what anyone who does not know God seeks. One feels deserving of vindication and honor by whatever works they have done. To Jews, Israel is the suffering servant., yet in the scripture it is obvious that Isaiah is NOT speaking of a nation but of a redeemer. Isaiah 53 is the guilty conscious of the Jews. Israel is not a righteous sinless people suffering for the world. This can only be the person of Jesus Christ. Israel has no need for a sacrifice nor a mediator- all they want is a King to rescue them from suffering. They expect exaltation for their goodness. So ask a Jew if he or she needs a Savior? A sinner, and the most “righteous” person, can only be right with God, if his or her sins are completely paid for vicariously by a slain Savior, the Blood of the Lamb.  This is a picture of the sacrificial system that God set up in the Temple for Israel.  God provided that sacrificial template to prepare them for the Messiah that would save them!

Our Savior died for sin and rose from the dead conquering death and sin. He is not a worldly king, but He is King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior.    Our Servant King, Jesus Christ bore our iniquities and Paid the ultimate price for our sins. He is our chosen One in which our soul rejoices. He alone is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.