Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates which consists of seven city states with seven tribes including Dubai. They portray themselves as the showpiece for the Arab Nations and as the modern Arab lifestyle. They have built the biggest building, own the biggest planes to fly people from around the world which is the A380 – 80. This is the double-decker plane that has won them the airline of the year award. OF COURSE the flight attendants and fine food add to the quality. The men who are citizens mostly dress in all white looking like sentinels watching over the country. The claim to have the tallest building, the biggest chambered Aquarium, and the longest driver-less train system. They see themselves as an ideal kingdom- the iron in that 10-toed set of feet holding up Nebuchadnezzar’s mighty image.

They are building what some might call the perfect kingdom with pristine streets, rail-lines, monorails, magnificent malls, mosques, and island cities. The new DUBAI has dozens of new skyscrapers and the title of having more livable space within a square block on the entire earth. THIS title comes from a block of 40-50 story buildings that are all hotels or apartments. The whole project is built around a series of canals with a driver-less monorail to take people around the many magnificent buildings and bridges that interconnect the system of peninsulas. Much like the palm islands off of DUBAI this series of large architectural glass structures are close to beaches and other attractions. The largest Ferris wheel is being built nearby to meet the 2020 deadline for the EXPO DUBAI. IT is fashioned around the LONDON EYE.

One of the best Hospital Systems in the world is also being built along with entire city projects of golf courses, multi-building hotels and entertainment. One of them is a TRUMP complex with Raddison hotels. MOST famous are these perfect Islands designed in the shape of palm fronds that are much bigger than they appear in photos. When you drive through them you see the immensity of the structures since most buildings are 12 stories high along the main road with roads branching out onto hundreds of multilevel homes and apartments. Topping the whole system is the ATLANTIS resort entertainment hotel and complex with the largest chambered aquarium in the world and water park. Above that is the break-water dome that protects the whole complex. ANOTHER dedicated driver-less monorail carries people to and fro from the mainland. Not many people can see through all this elaborate presentation and understand that this is all very superficial and a cover for what the future Antichrist will use as an example of what ‘peace and harmony on earth’ can bring.

This is a consummate counterfeit of Truth and of reality…. what you have here is somewhat like what existed in time of Jesus with the Pharisees and Herod the Great. You have great buildings and architecture with great ‘white-washed structural masterpieces. You have all the men dressed in white with all of it controlled by the heavy-handed law both religious and civil. For instance you cannot chew gum on the Metro or drink outside. You do not see prostitution but it exists, nor do you see evidence of gambling but both are a way of life in this Arab kingdom. In essence the kingdom is a whitewashed tomb where people are being abused. Women are property for there is no marriage and no divorce… you buy the woman from the father and when you have a woman that you tire of, you just buy another one. You don’t divorce the first one, you keep her as the Cook or for heavy labor and then the new young beautiful one you use as your toy. Like owning a camel, you do not want to lose your investment so there really is no need for divorce. This type of lifestyle is basically akin to a socially accepted ‘whoredom’ like the whore who rides the Beast. Likewise there is no drinking in the streets nor visible use of drugs, but is it happening indoors?

You’re going to hear a lot more about Dubai in the next year because they will be the host of the Biggest ever Expo with over a hundred and fifty countries represented. To do this they are in the midst of creating a NEW Super City south of DUBAI that will match both the new Dubai and the Old Dubai mentioned earlier. In new and old Dubai I counted over 50 new massive structures going up. THE guide mentioned that in the last 10 years over 300 new skyscrapers were built in these two city areas, including the tallest building int the world. NOW there will be this third Dubai in the south which will house buildings for 150 nations with their projects and along with all the supporting buildings and projects of the UAE’s EXPO. They will have driver-less systems, super energy efficient buildings and superstructures, and other high tech experiments. The motto will be Connecting MINDS, Creating A NEW FUTURE.

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