the 4 LIES in the CHURCH

Statistics show that divorce in the church body is as rampant as it is in the world. This is a sad statement on the condition of the church. It is sad but not surprising considering the lies that have penetrated and consumed church thought. I will categorize these lies into 4 groups as follows: Historical lies which affects doctrines and policy; Scientific lies which includes the Christian perspective on creation and the family; Faith lies which includes demoting the reality of healing and Signs; and the Lies of the Heart which includes relationship deception and unfaithfulness. In the midst of this cloud of lies are besetting sins and failure of the church to counter years of spiritual neglect with teaching that convicts and inspirational programs that uphold the complete Bible from beginning to end.

We will begin with the lies of the Heart since relationship is the centerpiece of Chrisitanity. As my friend and I share the Gospel at our weekly ministry we tell those who stop for lemonade, a free book, or prayer that Jesus Christ wants to have a personal relationship with them. Unlike any other religion the heart of Christianity revolves upon God’s love for us and the free gift of salvation. He gave us his Word and died for our sins. This relationship of sacrificial love should be according to His Word, like the marriage relationship between a man and woman. However, how many men love their wives with the same degree that Christ loves the church. Ask yourself, if you are willing to sacrifice for your wife and serve her above your own desires. Men and women in general have an even bigger challenge. How many can say that they have erased lust from their hearts and seek to share the Gospel and serve the Lord? Now do not lie to yourself or to God. “Yes,” God’s grace covers all sin, but are you incorporating all that God has to give you? Are you willing to know His will for your life and to embrace it?

In the Garden, Satan lied to Adam and Eve. In the wilderness Satan lied to Jesus. In the wilderness Jesus went to Satan and defeated his wiles but in the garden Eve went to Satan and was beguiled. Jesus used the Word of God to defeat Satan whereas Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s Word. Are we as Christians willing to know His Word in order to defeat sin and Satan? A definition of faith is knowing what we cannot see and believing what we hope for. God wants us to know Him and one really good way is to know His Word. So how many churchgoers do a regular Bible study or for that matter open their Bible. Do you meditate on God’s Word. Do you pray on a regular basis for guidance or in supplication? How many times do you seek God in prayer for decision making? How many are setting a good example for their kids and others?

The individual should surrender all to God and become a living sacrifice so that God can sanctify us. This does not seem to be happening. Here are generational stats related to the state of the church: In the USA, of all those classified as boomers and greatest generation from 1928 to 1955, stats show 56% attending church. Now in the Millennial group only 18% attend, and of the X generation even less. In Britain the total attendance is down to 5%. In Australia the attendance going back to 2011 was only 6% and this is true of the rest of Europe. What this group believes is also in spiritual decline. The greatest generation considered same-sex marriage reprehensible but today only 43% of the Millennial generation believe this to be true. The attitudes are the same for abortion. This collapse of moral conviction is connected to the 2nd big lie; the Creation Lie or the counterfeit Science of Academia. There is also a large portion of self-proclaimed Christians who do not attend church with the idea that the church is messed up and full of sinners. True, the church is like a hospital for wounded souls that need fellowship with God and others. 1 John 1:7 states, “If we walk in the light as He walks in the Light we will have fellowship with one another & the blood of Christ cleanses us from sin.”

Counterfeit Science and its web of lies has generated a network of dark spiritual consequences. Generations have become more and more convinced that man was not made in the image of God but in the image of a monkey. Logic has been contaminated with the idea that survival of the fittest instead of God’s grace is the basis and compass for mankind’s existence and decision making. From the Christian perspective our CHOICE goes back to the Garden of Eden: Do you accept Satan’s lie and trust in the knowledge of Good & Evil or do you place your trust in God’s Word and the promise of fellowship with Him? If you think this is ridiculous or not relevant you have by default picked the first option. Paul commended believers to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”

There is no compromise, do you trust in God’s Word or in the world’s propaganda? It is black or white decision. In 1st John 1 the Word says, “God is Light, and there is absolutely no darkness in Him.’ If we say, ‘We have fellowship with Him,’ and walk in darkness, we are lying and are not practicing the truth.” “If we say, ‘We have no sin’, we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” In the Creation, God created light in the midst of darkness and then Adam and Eve introduced sin into the world. Both are true, but to the evolution- minded Christian these are not convictions that affect their lives and thinking. Their world centered beliefs put God on the bench and make chance the key to creation. This would not stand up in God’s courtroom. God wants us to put on the full armor of God with the Sword of the Word of God and the shield of faith.

In any court you have evidence produced that is compelling to both sides. The question is what side to you want to believe in: God as Creator and the Garden of Eden leading to Original Sin, or Satan’s cloud of false knowledge that erases God’s miracle creation and puts Evolution in the center of the intellectual universe. The evolution Lies are extensive as any adult can attest to. Either the Word is lying or the World system controlled by Satan is lying. Did everything come from nothing? Or is nothingness your idol and nothing has meaning and all is relative? Is the complexity of DNA and the language of all life able to create itself from nothing? Can a book write itself into existence or can a computer language happen by chance. Why is the earth 74% water when Academia says it was a ball of fire originally? The lies of the world are totally illogical, lack common sense & go against the Laws of Nature & Thermodynamics.

The Bible says, “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” The evidence against the World’s Advocate, Satan, is overwhelming. Jesus Christ defeated Satan in the wilderness and in Heaven’s courtroom and will defeat him again for the sake of those who believe. He will keep his promise to keep us from the evil one.

The Lies incorporated in FAITH range from misunderstandings to cult-like persistent lies. The Pentecostal believes that one can lose their salvation. Much of this comes from a misinterpretation of the parable of the 10 Virgins. In this parable Jesus is addressing the Jews before his death and resurrection. Therefore Pentecost has not happened and the Holy Spirit is not sealed in anyone. So the parable was designed to warn the Jew to study the Word of God so as to keep it in their hearts and to understand that their Savior was among them. If not they were likely to be shut out when the Day of the Lord comes.

Jesus Christ spoke of repentance from the beginning of his ministry and in the end promised us the Holy Spirit that would be Christ in us. It should tell everyone to seek righteousness and renounce the sin in our life. Romans 8:13 in summary says by His Spirit we can slay sin and attain Christ likeness. Repentance implies a new way of living and a turning away from evil and evil thoughts. There is no salvation without repentance.

With true repentance and the Holy Spirit it should be easy to discover and shirk off the lies The Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, and others purposefully try to deceive people into believing that Jesus Christ is an angel created by God. Sorry but you are wrong and are stuck in a super big LIE. Jesus Christ is God. Many leaders in churches have grown adept at religious routines and agendas that go against the tenants of the faith. They oppose outreaches and crusades that are not anchored in their church. Maybe they fear losing members instead of relying on the Holy Spirit to bring in new believers! They oppose efforts to teach apologetics and Young Earth because it might cause divisiveness. Many church leaders do not believe that God is active in both healing us and providing “Signs” in this time. Yet Jesus commended his disciples to do as he had done to carry forth his compassionate work and bring the Gospel to the world.

It amazes me how many leaders are determined to shut down the thought or concept that Signs are for today. Jesus himself castigated the Pharisees for not knowing the Signs of the time. He then forewarned us that there would be “Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars.” Another problem is shortsighted teaching. The teaching on Gideon and his band of 300 is a good example. Past down teaching says the 300 were selected because they were alert—-in essence a self taught lie perpetrated by ignorance. The fact is NO ONE CAN LAP LIKE A DOG. This is stated over 4 times in the passage. That’s right, I am a specialist in the tongue and NO HUMAN CAN LAP like a dog. So GOD GAVE 300 MEN THE MIRACULOUS ABILITY TO LAP LIKE A DOG SO THAT GIDEON WOULD KNOW WHICH 300 WERE PICKED BY GOD BECAUSE OF THEIR PURE HEART AND RIGHT SPIRIT. The point is God was going to show everyone that He is in total control and the VICTORY is His. They took pottery, and He is the potter and we are the clay. We are broken pots and they were told to break the pots. They carried fire and He is the Refiner that forgives and covers sin melting off the dross. They blew trumpets announcing GOD’S VICTORY. God wanted us to know that not only was this His victory but it was also a supernatural victory.

A good portion of the church is also guilty of shutting off the study, hearing, and sharing of the book of Revelation. This is the only book that God expressly states He will bless those who read it aloud, who hear it, who read it, and who understand it! “Yes,” this book begins and ends with a verse promising these blessings! So why do so many denominations ignore the book and say that it is just symbolic! The two most abused books among leaders in the church concerning the interpretation of the Bible are Genesis and Revelation. Neither are treated as HIS-Story nor as His-Promise of things that have happened or will happen. This is the only book that God wanted us to read aloud to all! This is also the only book that God specifically warned if anyone changed its meaning would be cursed. Maybe that is why so many of those misdirected churches are losing members. This includes my old church affiliation: the Presbyterians, the Episcopalians, Catholics, and some Lutherans. Anytime we see something as pervasive as this we need to realize that Satan is behind it. Likewise Satan is behind counterfeit Signs and that is why the sign of Revelation 12 is indeed real, for at the time of its appearance the world’s fear-mongers were saying that the earth would end with a collision from Planet X.

The final set of Lies affects historical truth and the way we view theology in the church. A good example is the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians during the Turkish pre-WWI consolidation of power. Because the church refused to stand up against this horror the 2nd Reich under Hitler used it as a template to exterminate the Jews. The period of time between these two genocides includes a 400 year period between the capture of Jerusalem by the Ottoman Empire in 1517 and the Balfour Agreement of 1917 which signaled the end of the Ottoman Empire and the promise of a Jewish homeland The church has allowed other lies from Islam to perpetuate within its own historical accounts. The location of Mt. Sinai has been a masterpiece disguise perpetuated by both Egypt and the Saudi government. It was initiated by the early Bedouins during the time of the crusades when they fabricated fake maps for Queen Helena and others who were trying to locate Holy sites. It was easy to recreate fake landmarks to seemingly authenticate these routes that the nation of Israel took to southern Egypt.

The fact is God gave the Israeli people the strength and the power to cross the Sinai Peninsula on the northern route to Succoth and then down the great gorge to PiHiHaroth (meaning mouth of the gorge) to a large beachhead that you can clearly see on Google Earth. This was perfect place to cross the 2nd finger of the Red Sea for the beachhead was big enough to encamp 2.5 million Israelis and the gorge was narrow enough for the Shekinah Glory to block the way of the great Egyptian chariot force. The southern route had no deep water to cross and no place that the Jews could have been enclosed by water (as stated in the Word). Nor was there a gorge where the Pharaoh would have been trapped by God. Nor was there a place anywhere in the whole southern mountain range that 2.5 million Jews could have encamped much less had an ample supply of fresh water! Plus Midian where Jethro was from is located on the Saudi side of the 2nd finger and not in the Egyptian Sinai. If you study the geography it is obvious that the church has been lied to by Islam which would not want the church nor the Jews to know where the true Holy mountain of God is!

The lies are everywhere and if leaders or a person incorporates those lies into their life they are even more guilty. They have internalized those lies and will then seek to generate a false righteousness that non-believers can see through. This hypocrisy will lead to a guilty conscience and a weighed down heart that cannot have fellowship with God. The church and the individual must deal with these lies as quickly as possible so as to purify minds and hearts or the hearts and minds of others will be affected.

Obedience to God and confession of sins is key to righteousness. Prayer and surrender will help each of us to kill sin and draw closer to God. It is important that we discover and deal with our besetting sins that want to track us down and weaken the power of the Spirit and the work of the church body. Leaders will be held more accountable and so they must seek God with total commitment to prayer and meditation on the Word.

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