Cosmic Crossroad Continuum

PART 1 : Related to Signs in the Stars:

Christmas shows how much the God of the Universe Loves us and cares for us. He was born in a manger to die on a cross. ‘The cross reaches up and out to everyone. The Christmas Picture we see: has the backdrop of the Universe with Angels rejoicing- in the foreground; the baby Jesus lying in the feeding trough amongst the beasts of the field; Mary & Joseph with the lowly shepherds; all bathed by the light of the Stars. This is all interwoven with the present into the future. The sinless birth, the perfect child, the Virgin Woman, & Joseph her husband.

One Joseph was the child of Jacob -the other a descendant of Judah- both having visions – both delivering Israel towards the Promise land…but Israel falling short in both cases because of sin. In one case a bronze serpent is lifted up in the wilderness and in the next the cross is lifted up for the whole world. Both offer to deliver the believer, with faith a form of death. One from physical death and the other from spiritual death. One pressed the Israelite to look up by faith to acknowledge their sin – and its connection to the serpent’s curse in order to receive a temporary divine healing. Whereas the other, the divine Seed of the Woman, is lifted up as the Perfect Sacrifice to defeat death’s curse eternally by becoming the curse for us.

Jesus takes the sins of the world and puts them under his authority covering it with his blood. In Him both the curse and death are defeated. It is God’s Plan of Redemption and both the 1st Coming and the Fulfillment is written in the Stars. In Psalm 157:4, God says, “I have numbered the stars, and have named them.” God would not have named them arbitrarily but would have told a story through them for Adam and Eve to learn from. In the Bethlehem Star I believe the Light (from an exploding star) was apparent for 9 months and may have been so bright that it even appeared at times in daylight. Revelation 12:1-4, now on September 23rd, 2017 the Sign of the Woman revealed how the church will be rescued from the Dragon that awaits to devour it. The church will be raptured and innocence restored along with the “Lion of Judah” on His throne.

The Sign of the Woman of Revelation 12 was an invisible sign since the sun blocks all visibility. So why would God announce this sign as “A Great Sign” Revelation 12:1? So what else is real yet cannot be seen? Of course we all know that this is true of the supernatural. So in my mind this Great Sign defines a new beginning in the advancement of the forces of darkness. Likewise there are parallel movements of good and of Prophetic promise- such as the legal declaration by Trump concerning the capital Jerusalem. God says in II Chronicles that Jerusalem is special to Him, for the city carries His Name.

PART 2: Relating to Chapter on History and Iran:

Expansion on the Iranian concept of the Great Mahdi or 12th Iman. He will reign for 7 years after the defeat of the Jews. He will come on a white horse and will defeat Israel and the “Romans” otherwise knowns as the Western powers. They believe that Jesus Christ never died even though he was placed on a stake Allah raised him up to sit with him on the throne. In the end Jesus will marry and then die and will be buried with Muhammed. However, prior to this he will return on behest of Allah to be a testimony to Christians that they have the “story” all wrong. The Mahdi will usher in the new world with Jesus instituting Sharia Law.

Part 3:  The Importance of Stellar Signs

God reminds us that He created the Universe and us. After all he alone stretched out the heavens and named the stars! Yet he knows your name and mine. He brought the earth and each of us out of darkness into the light. The moon reflects the light of the sun, just as we can reflect the Light of God to the world. Therefore it is not surprising that He uses Signs outside our limited world to announce His major covenant advances. Not only are these signs pure but they are available to all people to decipher and understand. He places this power sign in the middle of the book of Revelation. This is the only book that begins with a special promise of a blessing to all who read the book aloud or hear it. Amazingly the book ends with another promised blessing to all who read the message in the book and understand it. No other book has even one of these blessings! I think God wants us to realize how really important this invisible sign is!

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