The Last Sign —like the pillars of His Covenant

What is the last sign that Jesus speaks of related to the end times in Matthew 24? I can pretty well guarantee you that you’re not going to guess it since most people will say it’s the Rebellion or it’s the Abomination of Desolation, but “No,” those are not it. In order to know what it is read Matthew 24:14. That last sign is the Gospel being preached throughout the world- and guess what? God is having to get the Gospel out into the hearts of man, since the church is failing to a great degree. “Yes,” we have missionaries preaching in many different countries and some are writing the Bible in the language of the people and others are sacrificing their lives, but  the vast majority of the “lost” people are not comprehending the Gospel. And it’s not that the Gospel isn’t  preached, it’s that the ears of the world are not opening.  Americans and many others are just too comfortable with their sin.

So how does God open their ears? God is trying to tell us how, and this is why we are seeing the convulsions, the labor pains, and all the other extreme events and weather conditions.  God gets people’s attention through trial and tribulation, so don’t think that God does not bring storms or God does not bring difficulty for people.  This is God’s most effective way to get peoples attention in the world with cold or lukewarm hearts.   This is one of the few ways that God can get people on their knees to repent and seek Him with all their heart and mind.

The church is weak because of man centered theology and administration.  A good example is the concept of Replacement Theology which is becoming very popular.  This concept is what the anti-Semite who killed the Jews in Pittsburgh holds to.  There is great error in this system of belief.  The church has not replaced Israel.  God still loves Israel and has fulfilled his promise to bring the Jews back to His Land and to Jerusalem.  Hebrew is the only “dead” language that has now become alive and is the spoken language of this nation that God guided into existence.  Just as in Hosea, God has not divorced Israel and is still married to His rebellious people who turned their back on Him.  He has preserved a remnant that will continue onto the spiritual Promised Land of heaven.  Even today there are thousands of Jews who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The church is also weak because most members spend more time in the world and in the world system of television, games, sports, and music than they do in church and in the Word of God.  Television is Satan’s most effective way to draw people into the Lie that he is spreading.  Many of those attending church spend more time thinking about the next football game or the next chore than they do about the message they just heard from the pulpit.

Another problem are the “teachers” themselves.  Many have been indoctrinated by Academia and are not led by the Spirit.  The would rather go along with the agenda or with “peer review” than with God’s direction.  A good example is the stubborn determination to believe Saudi Arabia and Egypt when it comes to the location of the true Mt. Sinai.  Remember that Moses was directed by God to build both an altar and 12 pillars representing the tribes of the new nation.  Moses and Aaron were to sacrifice a bull (heifer) and sprinkle half the blood on the altar and half the blood on the 12 pillars.  This represents the Covenant that God established between Himself and the people!  These pillars and altar were immovable just as the Covenant was permanent.  So if you were looking for a site where the Israelites encamped you would look for remnants of both the altar and the pillars.  They have NOT found these in Egypt, but they found these in Arabia when Moller went and photographed a site that one of the princes asked him to examine.  He has the photographs to prove it, yet our stubborn, elitist archaeologists refuse to accept this very important FACT.  What is worse- our theologians have bought into the lie that Mt. Sinai is in Egypt-  this is the same delusion that God had to deal with in the past—-to get “Egypt” out of His people and out of the hearts of man.

The Israelites were delivered by God’s hand from Pharaoh. He carried them to safety through the Sinai desert and delivered them out of Egypt with the parting of the Red Sea. Has God delivered you, or have you been willing out of a tiny seed of faith to walk with him to witness His mighty mercy and deliverance. He will part the seas of fear and darkness. He will defeat the enemy of deadly habits. He will Light the way with the Word of God, and provide a covering during your day with His mighty Spirit. God will establish a Covenant with you–His blood has been shed for you and sprinkled on the Holy Altar and the Pillars of your soul.  God is patient when we whine or complain like the Israelites. He demonstrates divine solutions and doors to walk through. He is faithful and He is The Bread of Life – the eternal manna of the Wilderness. He is the Living Water – that bursts forth from the Rock. He Transforms, Heals, Nourishes, and Delivers. God desires for you to walk with Him to the Promised Land.

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