The Divine Watchmaker or the Divine Crapshooter?

God is Sovereign and  Established the Plan for Redemption for Us and the Fallen Creation.  Bread and Blood cover both Grace and Redemption.

Jesus Christ called himself “The Bread of Life” and by no coincidence He was born in the “City of Bread,” Bethlehem. He was born in a manger which means “table” or table of bread. He would feed the thousands with just a few loaves like “the manna” from heaven. Later he would break bread with his disciples and tell them to remember the Lord’s Supper – “take this bread – this is my body sacrificed for you, and drink of this cup- this is my blood-shed for you.”

The Lord’s Supper is more than a metaphor of Life in Christ redeemed by His blood and fed by His Word. It ties together His-Story, from Adam and Eve & Original Sin; to Abel and man’s first sacrifice for sin; to Abraham & God’s Unconditional sacrifice; to Isaac who was the obedient lamb carrying his wood up Mt. Moriah; to Jacob’s son Joseph who was sold as a slave and thrown into a prison saving drought stricken nations of the world as God answered Joseph’s “Sheaths of grain” dream; and to David who purchased the wheat “threshing floor” in Jerusalem to make the grain and Burnt offerings. In the “House of the Lord” many more Blood Offerings would be made and the Temple Shewbread shared.

The baby Jesus, mankind’s divine Bread, is the seed of Abraham, the Bread of Life, and the Lamb of God, who fulfills all those sacrifices – becoming the Perfect Sacrifice, the propitiation for sin to ALL who believe and trust in Him. He is the Eternal Bread of Life that sustains us and the everlasting Living Water that refreshes. He fulfilled Prophecy and the Promise in His-Story, transferring the blessings of Abraham & Israel to all people. That was just the beginning of His-Amazingly Wonderful-Story. It continues in every believer and follower. He takes us out of slavery and the slave mentality to addictions, to self gratification, pride, bitterness, and the past. He gives us new beginnings and makes us His son. None of those things in the past own you for are set free by the Blood of Jesus who Paid the price and Redeemed you.

That is the True Christmas Story! The Divine Watchmaker is in total control creating life as we know it and determining the course of events in his Time. But the fool says there is no God. The fool also says that this incredibly complex creation around us happened by chance and was created from nothing. The evolutionist has declared war on God and believes that man is intrinsically good as he evolves into a more perfect being through mutations and chance.

Those who try to fit God into this picture would in essence demand that God is a “Divine Crapshooter” who just waits for change to happen. That is like claiming that a Rembrandt was made by a brush blowing in the wind or To Kill a Mockingbird was conceived by an errant typewriter with painter and author standing by and waiting for new creations to happen.  Every living thing around us is shaped and beautifully designed by a much more sophisticated language called DNA. That sophistication requires a Divine Watchmaker who has a Purpose & a Plan.

Plain observation tells us man is depraved and along with all creation is falling and failing in what true Science calls Entropy – the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Evolution is lunacy wrapped in the cloak of science. It might have been believable 25 years ago, but now with our advancing knowledge of hot planetary moons that should be frozen solid, and dinosaur bones filled with elastic viable tissue and cells where any CSI expert would expect empty space, the truth is out for even the 5th grader to grasp. The sad thing is Fake Science has now turned into Fake News and Fake Learning to the point we have totally dumbed-down our new generations! There is only one Truth and that is in God who is the source of everything and orders events in history to fulfill His purpose and plan.

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