Apostasy and Forgiveness – an Easter Message

Jesus brought compassion and forgiveness to a world full of religious and secular laws and regulations.  The Romans had introduced Pax Romana and a new order to a world full of chaos and war, but they did it by brute force.  They ruled and dictated from the thrown of Caesar who called himself God.  Ironically the religious leaders of Israel were just as egregious in their assault on the soul and Spirit of mankind.  In fact their sin was worse considering their divine position and message  had been awarded to them by God himself.  Now because they had twisted the spirit of His Word and Promise they would receive His curses and woes. Blinded by their own self-righteousness they thought that they were better than the kings and leaders of the past that had persecuted & killed the Prophets.

Little did these religious leaders know that they would soon kill the Son of God in a blind rage of jealousy and revenge.  Jesus had told them just before his Crucifixion, “You shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces.  For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in,” Mt. 23:13.  Not only had these leaders rejected Jesus but they “had strained gnats” to make new laws to subjugate the people. They were actually preventing people from coming into a relationship with God.   Is this a form of smoke screen and control that is being used today in the modern church?

I believe that it is, but in a more devious and subtle form.   Both Liturgy and the pro-culture, emergent concept draw people away from the Truth and from an intimate relationship with God.  What is Truth without both Love and Obedience to the Word? What is Truth without teaching the whole Bible and the Name of God in every aspect of Life and Creation?  What is Truth if we compromise with the world system in order to fit in?  What is Truth when Lies are embedded in the liturgy, the teaching of the historical book of Genesis, the foundational doctrine of God’s Word and the nature of God?  The Spirit of God is hindered by lies and by rules that do not exhibit the Grace of God and the fruits of the Spirit.

We all make mistakes and God is above all willing to forgive the sin and restore the sinner.  After all this is why God sent His Son to die for us.  By shedding His blood God would be making propitiation for us.  Our sins will be forgiven.  This is why if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins.  God is Just and His Mercies are new every morning.

Life’s accidents and mistakes will trip us up. This is part and parcel to the fall of Creation. In writing my book, COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN, I made requests from the publisher to make changes.  In some cases those changes were not made, and the errors have therefore persisted.  It saddens me, because the book is for both the believer and unbeliever to see the Word of God in a fresh way – free of the myopia that distorts and constrains the “Spirit and Truth of the Word.”  One of those distortions for example is the concept of macro-evolution and a “limited flood”.  Both are lies that cloud the mind and hinder the Spirit of God.  They in many ways “shut the door of the kingdom of heaven” to those who attend church.  These non-believers and some confused believers are not nourished by the Truth and never sense the  “Power of the Spirit”.  In many instances they are learning the lingo  and the external shape of the walk, but do not really partake of an intimate relationship with God.  The mistake that the publisher failed to change was a simple one: I had asked that they change the word “2nd” to “First” in relation to Solomon’s Temple.  I had in a moment mental fatigue typed in the wrong info.  This stupid mistake has been carried forth into my new printing and I am saddened – since I clearly asked them to change it!

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  1. Great I am Glad that you are enjoying the book…..just posted another blog post somewhat related to the trip…..
    Things are moving fast as “labor pains” and as the word “quickly” implies——-the word “Tachos” like a tachometer- increased revolutions —– Goes along with the increased knowledge and movement of mankind.

  2. Greetings in Jesus name,
    Wisdom comment. It seems you were blessed on Sunday as you mentioned some statements we made. Praise God I started reading you e book and im enjoying it while also im being blessed. God bless you and your wife and thank you for your presence on Sunday. keep us in prayer. God bless you.

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