Obama Zone II

Remember those old Twilight Zone episodes? Those surprise endings where you thought the poor girl with the bandaged face was horribly disfigured….but in the end she has a beautiful human face….and it is the doctors and the family that have the alien faces.

We are being manipulated by an Administration that seems to be guided by an illogical, immoral, and potentially treacherous hand. I do not wish to sound political nor “religious”. I just want to lay out the facts for anyone to judge:

#1 They want us to be offended by the confederate flag because it incites violence by a select few against the black race, yet they eschew the promotion and practice of abortion which this year alone has eliminated 80,000 black babies.       #2 They raise the alert level when it comes to southern extremism or Christian fundamentalism yet they suppress the suggestion that ISIS or other radical Islamist groups are involved in violent acts against us (such as in Chattanooga).      #3  They are willing to make peace with Iran to prevent war even though their leaders are calling for the destruction of Israel and America. They claim that either you have peace or war with Iran, yet we neutralized Cuba without peace or war and the results are good.                                                                                        #4 “Obamanism” Fights for the rights of illegal immigrants, yet lets 50 million babies die at the hands of abortionists.                                                                            #5 “Obamanism” Fights for the rights of transgender-ism and homosexuals, yet has consistently thrown the majority Christian faith which is the foundation of this country under the bus.                                                                                               #6 This Administration allows exceptions for Muslims in respect to Obamacare, and any other government mandated plan that goes against their religious practices- including their food choices- Yet clearly undermines home schooling by Christians and their effort to take a moral stand.                                                     #7 They use the IRS to intimidate any charity that goes against the abortion or homosexual movement by having them audited- as in the case of both the Billy Graham Association and Samaritans purse both being audited ( by coincidence) at the same time.

Most frightening of all- this Administration thinks that by promoting peace with our enemies we will mollify their hatred towards us. Yet radical Islam and all its minions have clearly stated that they wish tĥo usher in chaos and the 12th Em-man. There has rarely been a moment of peace in the Middle east with most of the battles being fought between themselves.  Since WWII Sunni vs. Shiite wars and terrorism have killed more people than all the other wars combined X 10! Yet we think that we can bring peace to the area! This does not even include the huge potential for a massive nuclear war nor does it include the obvious involvement of both Russia and China in a larger scale.

In essence the Obama Zone has taken up arms against God. This Administration has sought to Glorify self and convenience instead the Creator. The institution that is supposed to protect the individual and the family has become the families biggest adversary. The Supreme Court has assaulted the mother by approving of abortion and has assaulted the family by approving same-sex marriages.
THE OBAMA ZONE is encroaching in the private lives of individuals by forcing a behavior that is contrary to the Dominion of God.

By God’s Grace the responsible hard working voter took to the polls and defeated the Obama/Hillary protocol and agenda!  To discover how significant this victory is you may want to check out the latest posts:  “The Last Generation- 2017,” and “Definition of LOVE”

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