Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates which consists of seven city states with seven tribes including Dubai. They portray themselves as the showpiece for the Arab Nations and as the modern Arab lifestyle. They have built the biggest building, own the biggest planes to fly people from around the world which is the A380 – 80. This is the double-decker plane that has won them the airline of the year award. OF COURSE the flight attendants and fine food add to the quality. The men who are citizens mostly dress in all white looking like sentinels watching over the country. The claim to have the tallest building, the biggest chambered Aquarium, and the longest driver-less train system. They see themselves as an ideal kingdom- the iron in that 10-toed set of feet holding up Nebuchadnezzar’s mighty image.

They are building what some might call the perfect kingdom with pristine streets, rail-lines, monorails, magnificent malls, mosques, and island cities. The new DUBAI has dozens of new skyscrapers and the title of having more livable space within a square block on the entire earth. THIS title comes from a block of 40-50 story buildings that are all hotels or apartments. The whole project is built around a series of canals with a driver-less monorail to take people around the many magnificent buildings and bridges that interconnect the system of peninsulas. Much like the palm islands off of DUBAI this series of large architectural glass structures are close to beaches and other attractions. The largest Ferris wheel is being built nearby to meet the 2020 deadline for the EXPO DUBAI. IT is fashioned around the LONDON EYE.

One of the best Hospital Systems in the world is also being built along with entire city projects of golf courses, multi-building hotels and entertainment. One of them is a TRUMP complex with Raddison hotels. MOST famous are these perfect Islands designed in the shape of palm fronds that are much bigger than they appear in photos. When you drive through them you see the immensity of the structures since most buildings are 12 stories high along the main road with roads branching out onto hundreds of multilevel homes and apartments. Topping the whole system is the ATLANTIS resort entertainment hotel and complex with the largest chambered aquarium in the world and water park. Above that is the break-water dome that protects the whole complex. ANOTHER dedicated driver-less monorail carries people to and fro from the mainland. Not many people can see through all this elaborate presentation and understand that this is all very superficial and a cover for what the future Antichrist will use as an example of what ‘peace and harmony on earth’ can bring.

This is a consummate counterfeit of Truth and of reality…. what you have here is somewhat like what existed in time of Jesus with the Pharisees and Herod the Great. You have great buildings and architecture with great ‘white-washed structural masterpieces. You have all the men dressed in white with all of it controlled by the heavy-handed law both religious and civil. For instance you cannot chew gum on the Metro or drink outside. You do not see prostitution but it exists, nor do you see evidence of gambling but both are a way of life in this Arab kingdom. In essence the kingdom is a whitewashed tomb where people are being abused. Women are property for there is no marriage and no divorce… you buy the woman from the father and when you have a woman that you tire of, you just buy another one. You don’t divorce the first one, you keep her as the Cook or for heavy labor and then the new young beautiful one you use as your toy. Like owning a camel, you do not want to lose your investment so there really is no need for divorce. This type of lifestyle is basically akin to a socially accepted ‘whoredom’ like the whore who rides the Beast. Likewise there is no drinking in the streets nor visible use of drugs, but is it happening indoors?

You’re going to hear a lot more about Dubai in the next year because they will be the host of the Biggest ever Expo with over a hundred and fifty countries represented. To do this they are in the midst of creating a NEW Super City south of DUBAI that will match both the new Dubai and the Old Dubai mentioned earlier. In new and old Dubai I counted over 50 new massive structures going up. THE guide mentioned that in the last 10 years over 300 new skyscrapers were built in these two city areas, including the tallest building int the world. NOW there will be this third Dubai in the south which will house buildings for 150 nations with their projects and along with all the supporting buildings and projects of the UAE’s EXPO. They will have driver-less systems, super energy efficient buildings and superstructures, and other high tech experiments. The motto will be Connecting MINDS, Creating A NEW FUTURE.

the 4 LIES in the CHURCH

Statistics show that divorce in the church body is as rampant as it is in the world. This is a sad statement on the condition of the church. It is sad but not surprising considering the lies that have penetrated and consumed church thought. I will categorize these lies into 4 groups as follows: Historical lies which affects doctrines and policy; Scientific lies which includes the Christian perspective on creation and the family; Faith lies which includes demoting the reality of healing and Signs; and the Lies of the Heart which includes relationship deception and unfaithfulness. In the midst of this cloud of lies are besetting sins and failure of the church to counter years of spiritual neglect with teaching that convicts and inspirational programs that uphold the complete Bible from beginning to end.

We will begin with the lies of the Heart since relationship is the centerpiece of Chrisitanity. As my friend and I share the Gospel at our weekly ministry we tell those who stop for lemonade, a free book, or prayer that Jesus Christ wants to have a personal relationship with them. Unlike any other religion the heart of Christianity revolves upon God’s love for us and the free gift of salvation. He gave us his Word and died for our sins. This relationship of sacrificial love should be according to His Word, like the marriage relationship between a man and woman. However, how many men love their wives with the same degree that Christ loves the church. Ask yourself, if you are willing to sacrifice for your wife and serve her above your own desires. Men and women in general have an even bigger challenge. How many can say that they have erased lust from their hearts and seek to share the Gospel and serve the Lord? Now do not lie to yourself or to God. “Yes,” God’s grace covers all sin, but are you incorporating all that God has to give you? Are you willing to know His will for your life and to embrace it?

In the Garden, Satan lied to Adam and Eve. In the wilderness Satan lied to Jesus. In the wilderness Jesus went to Satan and defeated his wiles but in the garden Eve went to Satan and was beguiled. Jesus used the Word of God to defeat Satan whereas Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s Word. Are we as Christians willing to know His Word in order to defeat sin and Satan? A definition of faith is knowing what we cannot see and believing what we hope for. God wants us to know Him and one really good way is to know His Word. So how many churchgoers do a regular Bible study or for that matter open their Bible. Do you meditate on God’s Word. Do you pray on a regular basis for guidance or in supplication? How many times do you seek God in prayer for decision making? How many are setting a good example for their kids and others?

The individual should surrender all to God and become a living sacrifice so that God can sanctify us. This does not seem to be happening. Here are generational stats related to the state of the church: In the USA, of all those classified as boomers and greatest generation from 1928 to 1955, stats show 56% attending church. Now in the Millennial group only 18% attend, and of the X generation even less. In Britain the total attendance is down to 5%. In Australia the attendance going back to 2011 was only 6% and this is true of the rest of Europe. What this group believes is also in spiritual decline. The greatest generation considered same-sex marriage reprehensible but today only 43% of the Millennial generation believe this to be true. The attitudes are the same for abortion. This collapse of moral conviction is connected to the 2nd big lie; the Creation Lie or the counterfeit Science of Academia. There is also a large portion of self-proclaimed Christians who do not attend church with the idea that the church is messed up and full of sinners. True, the church is like a hospital for wounded souls that need fellowship with God and others. 1 John 1:7 states, “If we walk in the light as He walks in the Light we will have fellowship with one another & the blood of Christ cleanses us from sin.”

Counterfeit Science and its web of lies has generated a network of dark spiritual consequences. Generations have become more and more convinced that man was not made in the image of God but in the image of a monkey. Logic has been contaminated with the idea that survival of the fittest instead of God’s grace is the basis and compass for mankind’s existence and decision making. From the Christian perspective our CHOICE goes back to the Garden of Eden: Do you accept Satan’s lie and trust in the knowledge of Good & Evil or do you place your trust in God’s Word and the promise of fellowship with Him? If you think this is ridiculous or not relevant you have by default picked the first option. Paul commended believers to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”

There is no compromise, do you trust in God’s Word or in the world’s propaganda? It is black or white decision. In 1st John 1 the Word says, “God is Light, and there is absolutely no darkness in Him.’ If we say, ‘We have fellowship with Him,’ and walk in darkness, we are lying and are not practicing the truth.” “If we say, ‘We have no sin’, we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” In the Creation, God created light in the midst of darkness and then Adam and Eve introduced sin into the world. Both are true, but to the evolution- minded Christian these are not convictions that affect their lives and thinking. Their world centered beliefs put God on the bench and make chance the key to creation. This would not stand up in God’s courtroom. God wants us to put on the full armor of God with the Sword of the Word of God and the shield of faith.

In any court you have evidence produced that is compelling to both sides. The question is what side to you want to believe in: God as Creator and the Garden of Eden leading to Original Sin, or Satan’s cloud of false knowledge that erases God’s miracle creation and puts Evolution in the center of the intellectual universe. The evolution Lies are extensive as any adult can attest to. Either the Word is lying or the World system controlled by Satan is lying. Did everything come from nothing? Or is nothingness your idol and nothing has meaning and all is relative? Is the complexity of DNA and the language of all life able to create itself from nothing? Can a book write itself into existence or can a computer language happen by chance. Why is the earth 74% water when Academia says it was a ball of fire originally? The lies of the world are totally illogical, lack common sense & go against the Laws of Nature & Thermodynamics.

The Bible says, “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” The evidence against the World’s Advocate, Satan, is overwhelming. Jesus Christ defeated Satan in the wilderness and in Heaven’s courtroom and will defeat him again for the sake of those who believe. He will keep his promise to keep us from the evil one.

The Lies incorporated in FAITH range from misunderstandings to cult-like persistent lies. The Pentecostal believes that one can lose their salvation. Much of this comes from a misinterpretation of the parable of the 10 Virgins. In this parable Jesus is addressing the Jews before his death and resurrection. Therefore Pentecost has not happened and the Holy Spirit is not sealed in anyone. So the parable was designed to warn the Jew to study the Word of God so as to keep it in their hearts and to understand that their Savior was among them. If not they were likely to be shut out when the Day of the Lord comes.

Jesus Christ spoke of repentance from the beginning of his ministry and in the end promised us the Holy Spirit that would be Christ in us. It should tell everyone to seek righteousness and renounce the sin in our life. Romans 8:13 in summary says by His Spirit we can slay sin and attain Christ likeness. Repentance implies a new way of living and a turning away from evil and evil thoughts. There is no salvation without repentance.

With true repentance and the Holy Spirit it should be easy to discover and shirk off the lies The Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, and others purposefully try to deceive people into believing that Jesus Christ is an angel created by God. Sorry but you are wrong and are stuck in a super big LIE. Jesus Christ is God. Many leaders in churches have grown adept at religious routines and agendas that go against the tenants of the faith. They oppose outreaches and crusades that are not anchored in their church. Maybe they fear losing members instead of relying on the Holy Spirit to bring in new believers! They oppose efforts to teach apologetics and Young Earth because it might cause divisiveness. Many church leaders do not believe that God is active in both healing us and providing “Signs” in this time. Yet Jesus commended his disciples to do as he had done to carry forth his compassionate work and bring the Gospel to the world.

It amazes me how many leaders are determined to shut down the thought or concept that Signs are for today. Jesus himself castigated the Pharisees for not knowing the Signs of the time. He then forewarned us that there would be “Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars.” Another problem is shortsighted teaching. The teaching on Gideon and his band of 300 is a good example. Past down teaching says the 300 were selected because they were alert—-in essence a self taught lie perpetrated by ignorance. The fact is NO ONE CAN LAP LIKE A DOG. This is stated over 4 times in the passage. That’s right, I am a specialist in the tongue and NO HUMAN CAN LAP like a dog. So GOD GAVE 300 MEN THE MIRACULOUS ABILITY TO LAP LIKE A DOG SO THAT GIDEON WOULD KNOW WHICH 300 WERE PICKED BY GOD BECAUSE OF THEIR PURE HEART AND RIGHT SPIRIT. The point is God was going to show everyone that He is in total control and the VICTORY is His. They took pottery, and He is the potter and we are the clay. We are broken pots and they were told to break the pots. They carried fire and He is the Refiner that forgives and covers sin melting off the dross. They blew trumpets announcing GOD’S VICTORY. God wanted us to know that not only was this His victory but it was also a supernatural victory.

A good portion of the church is also guilty of shutting off the study, hearing, and sharing of the book of Revelation. This is the only book that God expressly states He will bless those who read it aloud, who hear it, who read it, and who understand it! “Yes,” this book begins and ends with a verse promising these blessings! So why do so many denominations ignore the book and say that it is just symbolic! The two most abused books among leaders in the church concerning the interpretation of the Bible are Genesis and Revelation. Neither are treated as HIS-Story nor as His-Promise of things that have happened or will happen. This is the only book that God wanted us to read aloud to all! This is also the only book that God specifically warned if anyone changed its meaning would be cursed. Maybe that is why so many of those misdirected churches are losing members. This includes my old church affiliation: the Presbyterians, the Episcopalians, Catholics, and some Lutherans. Anytime we see something as pervasive as this we need to realize that Satan is behind it. Likewise Satan is behind counterfeit Signs and that is why the sign of Revelation 12 is indeed real, for at the time of its appearance the world’s fear-mongers were saying that the earth would end with a collision from Planet X.

The final set of Lies affects historical truth and the way we view theology in the church. A good example is the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians during the Turkish pre-WWI consolidation of power. Because the church refused to stand up against this horror the 2nd Reich under Hitler used it as a template to exterminate the Jews. The period of time between these two genocides includes a 400 year period between the capture of Jerusalem by the Ottoman Empire in 1517 and the Balfour Agreement of 1917 which signaled the end of the Ottoman Empire and the promise of a Jewish homeland The church has allowed other lies from Islam to perpetuate within its own historical accounts. The location of Mt. Sinai has been a masterpiece disguise perpetuated by both Egypt and the Saudi government. It was initiated by the early Bedouins during the time of the crusades when they fabricated fake maps for Queen Helena and others who were trying to locate Holy sites. It was easy to recreate fake landmarks to seemingly authenticate these routes that the nation of Israel took to southern Egypt.

The fact is God gave the Israeli people the strength and the power to cross the Sinai Peninsula on the northern route to Succoth and then down the great gorge to PiHiHaroth (meaning mouth of the gorge) to a large beachhead that you can clearly see on Google Earth. This was perfect place to cross the 2nd finger of the Red Sea for the beachhead was big enough to encamp 2.5 million Israelis and the gorge was narrow enough for the Shekinah Glory to block the way of the great Egyptian chariot force. The southern route had no deep water to cross and no place that the Jews could have been enclosed by water (as stated in the Word). Nor was there a gorge where the Pharaoh would have been trapped by God. Nor was there a place anywhere in the whole southern mountain range that 2.5 million Jews could have encamped much less had an ample supply of fresh water! Plus Midian where Jethro was from is located on the Saudi side of the 2nd finger and not in the Egyptian Sinai. If you study the geography it is obvious that the church has been lied to by Islam which would not want the church nor the Jews to know where the true Holy mountain of God is!

The lies are everywhere and if leaders or a person incorporates those lies into their life they are even more guilty. They have internalized those lies and will then seek to generate a false righteousness that non-believers can see through. This hypocrisy will lead to a guilty conscience and a weighed down heart that cannot have fellowship with God. The church and the individual must deal with these lies as quickly as possible so as to purify minds and hearts or the hearts and minds of others will be affected.

Obedience to God and confession of sins is key to righteousness. Prayer and surrender will help each of us to kill sin and draw closer to God. It is important that we discover and deal with our besetting sins that want to track us down and weaken the power of the Spirit and the work of the church body. Leaders will be held more accountable and so they must seek God with total commitment to prayer and meditation on the Word.

More information on the MOUNT SINAI location and importance is recorded in my new book COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN The Fig Tree and The Prophetic Generation. Watch the film below-

Cosmic Crossroad Continuum

PART 1 : Related to Signs in the Stars:

Christmas shows how much the God of the Universe Loves us and cares for us. He was born in a manger to die on a cross. ‘The cross reaches up and out to everyone. The Christmas Picture we see: has the backdrop of the Universe with Angels rejoicing- in the foreground; the baby Jesus lying in the feeding trough amongst the beasts of the field; Mary & Joseph with the lowly shepherds; all bathed by the light of the Stars. This is all interwoven with the present into the future. The sinless birth, the perfect child, the Virgin Woman, & Joseph her husband.

One Joseph was the child of Jacob -the other a descendant of Judah- both having visions – both delivering Israel towards the Promise land…but Israel falling short in both cases because of sin. In one case a bronze serpent is lifted up in the wilderness and in the next the cross is lifted up for the whole world. Both offer to deliver the believer, with faith a form of death. One from physical death and the other from spiritual death. One pressed the Israelite to look up by faith to acknowledge their sin – and its connection to the serpent’s curse in order to receive a temporary divine healing. Whereas the other, the divine Seed of the Woman, is lifted up as the Perfect Sacrifice to defeat death’s curse eternally by becoming the curse for us.

Jesus takes the sins of the world and puts them under his authority covering it with his blood. In Him both the curse and death are defeated. It is God’s Plan of Redemption and both the 1st Coming and the Fulfillment is written in the Stars. In Psalm 157:4, God says, “I have numbered the stars, and have named them.” God would not have named them arbitrarily but would have told a story through them for Adam and Eve to learn from. In the Bethlehem Star I believe the Light (from an exploding star) was apparent for 9 months and may have been so bright that it even appeared at times in daylight. Revelation 12:1-4, now on September 23rd, 2017 the Sign of the Woman revealed how the church will be rescued from the Dragon that awaits to devour it. The church will be raptured and innocence restored along with the “Lion of Judah” on His throne.

The Sign of the Woman of Revelation 12 was an invisible sign since the sun blocks all visibility. So why would God announce this sign as “A Great Sign” Revelation 12:1? So what else is real yet cannot be seen? Of course we all know that this is true of the supernatural. So in my mind this Great Sign defines a new beginning in the advancement of the forces of darkness. Likewise there are parallel movements of good and of Prophetic promise- such as the legal declaration by Trump concerning the capital Jerusalem. God says in II Chronicles that Jerusalem is special to Him, for the city carries His Name.

PART 2: Relating to Chapter on History and Iran:

Expansion on the Iranian concept of the Great Mahdi or 12th Iman. He will reign for 7 years after the defeat of the Jews. He will come on a white horse and will defeat Israel and the “Romans” otherwise knowns as the Western powers. They believe that Jesus Christ never died even though he was placed on a stake Allah raised him up to sit with him on the throne. In the end Jesus will marry and then die and will be buried with Muhammed. However, prior to this he will return on behest of Allah to be a testimony to Christians that they have the “story” all wrong. The Mahdi will usher in the new world with Jesus instituting Sharia Law.

Part 3:  The Importance of Stellar Signs

God reminds us that He created the Universe and us. After all he alone stretched out the heavens and named the stars! Yet he knows your name and mine. He brought the earth and each of us out of darkness into the light. The moon reflects the light of the sun, just as we can reflect the Light of God to the world. Therefore it is not surprising that He uses Signs outside our limited world to announce His major covenant advances. Not only are these signs pure but they are available to all people to decipher and understand. He places this power sign in the middle of the book of Revelation. This is the only book that begins with a special promise of a blessing to all who read the book aloud or hear it. Amazingly the book ends with another promised blessing to all who read the message in the book and understand it. No other book has even one of these blessings! I think God wants us to realize how really important this invisible sign is!

Signs of the Time: connecting the dots.

Anytime the Lord “comes” there is a Sign in the stars. Why because He counted and named the stars as stated in Psalm 157:4 and as Isaiah said, “the heavens declare His Glory.” Yes, the Heavens do declare his glorious entrance each time His Promise is fulfilled. Just as the Bethlehem Star occurred at the first coming, there is a Sign in the Stars of His 2nd Coming. This Sign is in Revelation 12:1-4. God revealed himself in the Star of Bethlehem and He reveals Himself in the Sign of Revelation 12 which includes Drago the dragon, the Virgo the Woman Eve, and the Leo the 1st Adam who through Judah carries the banner of the lion. Hence the constellation depicts the victor banner of Leo with the heart of royalty as depicted by the star Regulus. Virgo has the star Spica which means Seed and ties this Sign to the warning that God gave the Serpent in Genesis 3:15: “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.”

The book of Revelation is bracketed by two powerful verses of blessings to anyone who reads or hears message in this book. No other book in the Bible makes this claim. Revelation 12 is found in the middle of this key book and 12 is the number for divine autrickingthority. Most important, this chapter begins with the powerful phrase, “And there appeared a great Sign.” So why is there so little discussion about this sign? Satan has done everything he can to distort and diminish this sign. When it appeared on September 23rd of 2017 all the pundits were saying the sign marked the end of the world. They tried to scare people with earth’s destruction by Planet X or Niburu. These were lies of Satan, just as Satan managed to blind the eyes of the Pharisees at the 1st Coming.

God gave a mankind a Prophecy to imprint history in the declaration of Genesis 3:15. It would shine a light on the type of Sign that God would use to mark the climatic event in the future. Four thousand years later He would use an exploding star or Nova to announce this invasion of God’s conqueror to defeat the serpent. The Star of Bethlehem was to be a special light in the womb of Virgo which would last just over 9 months- the sign of a new birth. Probably the Magi saw this special sign going on for 8 months and knew that the divine king long awaited was about to be born. They had a month to get there. It is believed that the Magi had much authority in Persia and were the ones who wrote the law that Cyrus and other kings held as sacred. They prepared and called for their calvary and set out to pursue the light to find the new born king. They were so sure of its authenticity that they carried gold, myrrh, and precious frankincense to worship this Holy King. Maybe they were familiar with what was written by the prophets as taught by Daniel. Maybe they had heard of the prophecy in Numbers 24:17, “I see Him, but not now; I behold Him, but not near; A Star shall come out of Jacob; a Scepter shall arise out of Israel.”

Now 2000 years later a 3rd sign appears on the scene. This sign will announce the 2nd Coming of the Savior. However, like the Bethlehem Sign this is not an immediate event. It happens over a period of 9 months and longer as the Jubilee year of 1947-8 to 2017-8 comes to a close. The date was Sept. 23, 2017, the first day of the Jewish New Year or 6 hours after sunset on the 22nd day of September. This was the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets, which symbolically announces this Sign. It was also near the end of the 40 days of repentance called Teshuva, when all Jews are to see the return of favor, forgiveness, and consecration. This sign involves Venus and Jupiter which enter the womb of Virgo 400 days before the Day of Atonement. Venus leaves and aligns itself with Mercury and Mars and the special star Regulus. On Sept. 23rd they are in perfect alignment representing Jesus as Royalty, Priest, Man, and Messenger. Jupiter stays in the womb of Virgo for 9 months and 24 days. At the foot of Virgo is the new moon and on her shoulder is the Sun. Near her other foot is Comet 67P which has an interesting number coinciding with the war of 1967 when Israel took control of Jerusalem. Could this be a forewarning that Trump would give Israel the legal right to Jerusalem soon after this sign occurred? The Sign happened the day after Rosh Hashanna or the first day of the New Year. This new beginning would be marked with the Sign of Revelation 12 which is a very unique sign, but a very important one. We are now seeing great amounts of evil in both thought and action. We even have our first transexual senator in our Senate.

Do not discount this Sign just because you do not understand it! Likewise do not allow your intelligence get in the way as it did the scribes in the time of Jesus. God said to mankind: “To fear the Lord—that is wisdom; to move away from evil—that is understanding.'”

References: Rev_22:7 “See! I am coming soon! How blessed is the person who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book!” Rev_1:3 How blessed is the one who reads aloud and those who hear the words of this prophecy and obey what is written in it, for the time is near!

Is the Daniel Mystery being Revealed?

Why are people looking for the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail when we have a much more important piece of the Divine puzzle right in front of us. We have billions of Bibles throughout this earth with inscribed “divine keys” that can help the avid student unlock amazing mysteries that are being unveiled in our time. The most important puzzle piece and key are found in the 9th Chapter of the Book of Daniel.

The mighty king Cyrus announced in his first year of consolidated power that he would bless Israel by returning them to their homeland. Cyrus, kind of Persia, announces to the Jews, “All the kingdoms of the earth the Lord God of Heaven has given me, and He has commanded me to build him a house in Jerusalem which is in Judah.” Cyrus who had defeated the Babylonians and had taken the Israelites captive, would now help this captive nation return and worship in their homeland. Never in history had a victorious conqueror set a priority to help his captives go free and form a nation. Seventy years earlier the prophet Jeremiah warned the nation of Israel that they would be taken captive for a total of 70 years for their transgressions. These transgressions relate to the nations failure to honor the Sabbath year unto which every debt by every person was to be forgiven. For 490 years they had failed to honor this divine command given by God through Moses in the wilderness. A period of 490 years is composed of 70 Sabbath years. When those 70 years had expired, God would give the command to let them return.

The Cyrus declaration runs parallel to Trump’s announcement in December of 2017, after his victory in the elections. Trump announced that he would move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and thus legally mark Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the eyes of many Jews in Israel Trump had become the new Cyrus. Jerusalem had been captured by the Ottomans and held by them for 400 years until finally liberated by the British General Allenby.  Then 1917, Lord Balfour, a Christian, set in motion a series of events that set aside a large portion of land for the Jews in the land of Palestine. Many Jews moved to the land but it was only in 1947 when President Truman declared his support for the formation of a new nation called Israel. The nation was approved by the league of Nations and Israel became a nation in 1947-48. 70 years later Trump becomes President, a man who was born in the time of Truman who was so touched by the Jewish cause that he declared in his tears that “I am the new Cyrus.” Here you have two American Presidents who carry on the Kingly power of Cyrus to announce Israel’s Holy Prophetic ownership of God’s city of Jerusalem.

The number 70 comes into play again in the 9th Chapter of Daniel, when Gabriel announces to Daniel the prophetic 70-sevens countdown that would begin at the next announcement of a Persian leader. This leader was Artaxerxes, who in 457 BC, declared that he would help Israel rebuild not only the Temple but also the walls of Jerusalem – thus establishing the new city. Notice that it is not just the number 70 but again the combination 70 X 7 or seventy sevens equaling 490 years. Amazing that God generated this special moment bracketed by two 70- Sevens Prophetic periods! Gabriel explains to Daniel the amazing thing that will happen during this period; the birth, introduction, and “cutting off” of the promised Messiah! Just as God promised, Jesus the Messiah appears on the scene in an official way at the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem fulfilling this remarkable countdown laid down by Gabriel, at the perfect time. This should get your attention. God is weaving a perfect promise. All this is explained in detail in my book Cosmic Crossroad Countdown.

Note that Gabriel appears to Daniel at the time of “the final sacrifice.” So why are we told this? Probably because God wants us to know that he is shaping history with an intricate pattern. For we know that Jesus Christ was the “final sacrifice” who also died at the 3 P.M. hour. Through the Prophet Zechariah God states that he will make Jerusalem “ a cup that will make all the nations tremble.” He has indeed done this even in our time as most nations have refused to recognize Jerusalem as being Israel’s capital. Pundits were declaring that a war would start and condemnations of all kinds were spewed out by the Arab countries and by the UN.  Israel has received more declarations of condemnation from the UN than all the evil, corrupt nations of the world combined!

Now we know that Daniel was the chief Magi in the Babylonian/Persian era and therefore his students would remember all the methods that God imparted to Daniel on how to discern and observe the time and place of any divine sign. That sign was the Bethlehem Star that may have been an exploding star in the “womb” of the constellation Virgo. This Virgo-Leo combination with Drago the dragon sitting above waiting for the birth is explained in my book and stated in Revelation 12: 1-4 in the Bible. So Daniel connects us to both the first and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The 70 weeks have not been fulfilled, for a final week of 7 years has yet to happen. This final week of 7 years will happen soon to fulfill the pattern and complete the tapestry that God has set before us. What else can we discern from Daniel that may help us?

We know that the first 69 sevens or 483 years have taken place and led to very day that Jesus entered Jerusalem on the fowl of a donkey. Why did God separate these last 7 years? Obviously he has a reason which we cannot perceive completely. My thought is that God is giving mankind every opportunity to turn to Him and repent. He is very patient and has already added on nearly 2000 years. He promised the Jews that they would return to their land and they did in 3 important stages: 1917 the Balfour Agreement open a big door ; 1948 opened the door even wider with the formation of the nation of Israel; 1967 the door to Jerusalem was opened when the Jews took control of the Temple Mount; and in 2017 the legal status of Jerusalem was proclaimed by the most powerful leader of the most influential “empire” of our time the President of America. Now understand that 2017 also marked the 70th year of the formation of the nation; the 50th year (Jubilee) of the liberation of Jerusalem from Islamic control; and the 100th year of the liberation of the Promised Land from the Ottoman Empire!

Other Amazing Observations: 1) During the 1967 battle for the Temple Mount the some of the Jewish soldiers were surprised to see a rabbi among them. This rabbi blew the shofar celebrating the victory and his name was Goren which in Hebrew means “Threshing floor.” If you remember it was David who first purchased the Temple Mount from the owner of its threshing floor. And if you also remember it was Jesus who called himself the Bread of life, who was born in the city of Bread, Bethlehem. He broke bread with his disciples and reminds us at each Lord’s Supper that his body was given up for us as we eat the “bread of life.” Now realize that no shofar was blown when the President of the U.S. legalized the Jewish capital of Jerusalem- but note that his name is “TRUMP” – so in God’s way his voice and declaration was the “trump” that declared God’s promise fulfilled!

2) General Allenby’s declaration of victory over the Ottoman control of Palestine occurred in the first week of December. This was also true of Truman’s declaration and of Trumps declaration. Why this pattern? Are there other patterns that can help us understand what is about to happen?

3) On the Jubilee year the trumpet is sounded and the land is returned to the original owner. 1917 was a Jubilee year and the land was returned to its original owner: God’s people. In 1967 a Jubilee year, Jerusalem was returned to its original owner: God’s people. In 2017 another Jubilee year, the legal status of God’s people over the city of Jerusalem was guaranteed by the leading power in the world.

The Last Sign —like the pillars of His Covenant

What is the last sign that Jesus speaks of related to the end times in Matthew 24? I can pretty well guarantee you that you’re not going to guess it since most people will say it’s the Rebellion or it’s the Abomination of Desolation, but “No,” those are not it. In order to know what it is read Matthew 24:14. That last sign is the Gospel being preached throughout the world- and guess what? God is having to get the Gospel out into the hearts of man, since the church is failing to a great degree. “Yes,” we have missionaries preaching in many different countries and some are writing the Bible in the language of the people and others are sacrificing their lives, but  the vast majority of the “lost” people are not comprehending the Gospel. And it’s not that the Gospel isn’t  preached, it’s that the ears of the world are not opening.  Americans and many others are just too comfortable with their sin.

So how does God open their ears? God is trying to tell us how, and this is why we are seeing the convulsions, the labor pains, and all the other extreme events and weather conditions.  God gets people’s attention through trial and tribulation, so don’t think that God does not bring storms or God does not bring difficulty for people.  This is God’s most effective way to get peoples attention in the world with cold or lukewarm hearts.   This is one of the few ways that God can get people on their knees to repent and seek Him with all their heart and mind.

The church is weak because of man centered theology and administration.  A good example is the concept of Replacement Theology which is becoming very popular.  This concept is what the anti-Semite who killed the Jews in Pittsburgh holds to.  There is great error in this system of belief.  The church has not replaced Israel.  God still loves Israel and has fulfilled his promise to bring the Jews back to His Land and to Jerusalem.  Hebrew is the only “dead” language that has now become alive and is the spoken language of this nation that God guided into existence.  Just as in Hosea, God has not divorced Israel and is still married to His rebellious people who turned their back on Him.  He has preserved a remnant that will continue onto the spiritual Promised Land of heaven.  Even today there are thousands of Jews who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The church is also weak because most members spend more time in the world and in the world system of television, games, sports, and music than they do in church and in the Word of God.  Television is Satan’s most effective way to draw people into the Lie that he is spreading.  Many of those attending church spend more time thinking about the next football game or the next chore than they do about the message they just heard from the pulpit.

Another problem are the “teachers” themselves.  Many have been indoctrinated by Academia and are not led by the Spirit.  The would rather go along with the agenda or with “peer review” than with God’s direction.  A good example is the stubborn determination to believe Saudi Arabia and Egypt when it comes to the location of the true Mt. Sinai.  Remember that Moses was directed by God to build both an altar and 12 pillars representing the tribes of the new nation.  Moses and Aaron were to sacrifice a bull (heifer) and sprinkle half the blood on the altar and half the blood on the 12 pillars.  This represents the Covenant that God established between Himself and the people!  These pillars and altar were immovable just as the Covenant was permanent.  So if you were looking for a site where the Israelites encamped you would look for remnants of both the altar and the pillars.  They have NOT found these in Egypt, but they found these in Arabia when Moller went and photographed a site that one of the princes asked him to examine.  He has the photographs to prove it, yet our stubborn, elitist archaeologists refuse to accept this very important FACT.  What is worse- our theologians have bought into the lie that Mt. Sinai is in Egypt-  this is the same delusion that God had to deal with in the past—-to get “Egypt” out of His people and out of the hearts of man.

The Israelites were delivered by God’s hand from Pharaoh. He carried them to safety through the Sinai desert and delivered them out of Egypt with the parting of the Red Sea. Has God delivered you, or have you been willing out of a tiny seed of faith to walk with him to witness His mighty mercy and deliverance. He will part the seas of fear and darkness. He will defeat the enemy of deadly habits. He will Light the way with the Word of God, and provide a covering during your day with His mighty Spirit. God will establish a Covenant with you–His blood has been shed for you and sprinkled on the Holy Altar and the Pillars of your soul.  God is patient when we whine or complain like the Israelites. He demonstrates divine solutions and doors to walk through. He is faithful and He is The Bread of Life – the eternal manna of the Wilderness. He is the Living Water – that bursts forth from the Rock. He Transforms, Heals, Nourishes, and Delivers. God desires for you to walk with Him to the Promised Land.

You can read about God’s Sign in the Wilderness in my book Cosmic Crossroad Countdown…

The War on the Nature of Man: The World vs. God

The War on the Nature of Man: The World vs. God

This war has become a war against God and is permeating even politics. The youthful brain has been brainwashed by Academia into believing that man is basically good. Ironically many of them ignorantly illustrate this by the accomplishments of men and women of faith! The battle ground has therefore been distorted and manipulated by these sorcerers of material holiness and human goodness. To them the material world is either imbued with a divine beauty and perfection, or it is a sacred right for it to have a happy and perfect existence without man’s footprint. They believe that man was born good and is by nature good unless he or she is deceived by religion or other ideology that centers on Jesus Christ or the Christian church. This should give everyone pause, for we can see how the great delusion will easily fall on mankind. We are already seeing its ugly head rise in American politics and the world arena.

Ironically the philosophy of evolution is a sister myth embed in the school systems throughout the world. Together they undermine the concept of sin and depravity of the human soul. Evolution does not care at all about the spirit and soul of any part of creation, for it centers simply on survival of the fittest. Power, control, and strength are at its core. Therefore work and struggle are stepping stones to survival and the material salvation. This is antithetical to what Jesus said in his very first declaration of his ministry: Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Mat 11:28-30).

Jesus Christ promises to take the yoke of WORK Mentality off your shoulder and the burden of Performance For Acceptance or Control for survival. He is our Salvation. The purpose for His Sacrifice was to defeat sin. Yes, His mission was to transform us so that we might have His Righteousness. By dying with Christ (in a spiritual sense) we are dying to sin and being reborn in His Righteousness. God is real, Jesus Christ is the Son of God or God Incarnate, and Sin makes us all depraved. We are not born good and we are not good in our own right. Christianity is the only religion where God comes down for you, to be with you and have a relationship with you that brings peace- not a feeling of peace but a deep powerful peace based on Truth.

Arise and Shine The LORD is come

Arise, and Shine The LORD is come…. from Isaiah 60:1. I painted this work about 10 years ago as the Lord worked in my Heart during a dark time and I began the painting in that lower right area as you look at the painting. It shows the great Division coming and the Rebellion happening in society as spoken about in Matthew 24 by Jesus himself and also by Paul in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3. Frankly I had no idea where the Holy Spirit was going to lead me in this painting. What you see are The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, hell on the left. The dark Sun and a symbolic Black Rain on the upper right and the Holy Spirit on the upper left and of course Jesus Christ in the middle who is the center of history and the center of creation and of everyone’s life whether they know it or not. What may not be as apparent is the path that leads to Jesus Christ and the other wide path that leads to hell.

Jesus died on the cross to free us from sin and to Deliver us from sin so that we might have life in righteousness…. So that we might be transformed and that is the symbolism in the light around the frame that you can’t see but that lights up at night… He is our Light and our Righteousness and as He said, “I am the door.”
Two other aspects of the painting that are little hard to see is the hand reaching down from heaven sowing the seeds of God’s Word and also Billy Graham in the 
upper right praying …It is prayer that will help us in this time because the church will go through some of these tribulations and trials ….it will not, however, be the Wrath of God.

The Cosmic Conflict continues as Satan tries to destroy the work and saving Spirit and Power of Jesus Christ.  Satan will fail as this painting Illustrates— Jesus like the Sun Rises to defeat the rebellion, the Anti-Christ, and Satan and his forces. The End of Days is approaching as we witness Iran, Russia, and Turkey join forces, the division in world with Christianity pitted on one side and the rest on the other, the rise of civil rebellion, the birth of the red heifer, and isolation of Israel since the recognition of Jerusalem as Gods city.

The Future of the Church

The world hates Christians as Jesus said it would. But there is another side to the story. As Paul states in both his letter to Timothy and to the Corinthians there are Christians that God is going to give up to Satan because of their sin. In I Timonthy 1:20 Paul turns over Alexander and Hymenaeus to Satan because they gave up the good fight for the Gospel even though they were Christians…Paul says, “I turn them over to Satan to be taught not to blasphemy.” In I Cor.5:5, Paul does the same thing and says, “Hand this man over to Satan, so that his sinful nature may be destroyed.”  Then in the book of I Corinthians 11, Paul, states, “Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy way will be guilty of sin against the body and blood of the Lord….(which most pastors never mentions)…For whoever eats and drinks without recognizing the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself.  This is why many are sick and ill among you, and many have fallen asleep.”

During my early years as a believer God sent me over to Prestonwood Church where I was led to protest the celebration of Halloween, the worship of the pastor Billy Weber, and the actions of some of the leaders. They were rewarding some big donors who were divorcing their wives for “new” younger women. Ironically this is what brought Pastor Billy Weber down after he had affairs with 6 “attractive” women, and I was there in the whirlwind. Yet there were many blessings. I refused all rewards of leadership and eventually ran into Billy at Hillcrest church where he had been restored….and we shook hands in a friendly embrace just months before he died of a brain tumor. Now if Billy had lived, think how it would have hurt today’s church especially in the “Me Too” movement. As it went…Prestonwood moved to Carrollton and is now one of the biggest and strongest Baptist churches in the South.

And this draws attention to the church of today which may not be the church that God expects in this kingdom age drawing towards the End Times. My belief is that God is going to put the weak church of today through many tests and trials until it puts God and the Gospel first in its agenda and motivation. There are many churches including Prestonwood that are afraid to confront the congregation with the Stark Truth of the Word of God so as to humble the proud and stubborn minds. I would dare to guess that most members there and elsewhere still trust in evolution for the logic of their faith and thinking. When you do, you lose the concept of SIN and the need for repentance…after all there was no Garden of Eden, no Adam & Eve and No Original Sin. This is logic that stands on the lies of the world and the sands of time with foolish merchants of the gods of this world. This will continue until the leaders stand up in public for the Lord and for the Truth. Each person needs to recognize the depravity of man and the need for Christ. We are not inherently good-  no indeed, we are in complete and utter need of a Savior….and his name is Jesus Christ

“If we endure we will reign with Him (Jesus Christ), if we are faithless He will remain faithful”…..all those men died as believers. Even though they were temporarily given over to Satan.

New Book

I am in the production stages of a new book that will save readers a lot of money.  This is not a finance book, but is an expose’ and exploration in Dentistry.  The title will probably be:  Dentistry  Xplored: Protecting You, Your Smile, and Your Pocket.   Or substitute the word pocket for wallet. Which one do you like the best.  Leave me a response on this site or on facebook under : Cosmic Crossroad Countdown.

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Here is a pic that will be included in the book Dentistry Xposed: This illustrates the detail work that I enjoy doing as both an artist and a dentist. 

The book will reveal truths in the science and art of dentistry.  It will also reveal areas in dentistry that are being compromised by marketing, lies, and misleading information. It is applicable to dentistry throughout the world and I guarantee that this book will save you money.